nurse didn’t believe it.

nurse didn’t believe it.

Jiang Hao suddenly wanted to tease this little nurse. Although he was not too pretty, he was also cute, especially the big eyes were very bright, and he was of good figure, with a bulging chest, and he supported the white nurse uniform.
“You really want to know.” Jiang Hao said.
When the little nurse heard it, she knew that she might have heard something secretive, she immediately became more interested, and said, “You said, I will never tell other people.”
Jiang Hao solemnly said, “I practice really. It’s not internal strength, but it’s more powerful than internal strength. I can practice both men and women and get a breath of spiritual energy. If you are 南京龙凤网 interested in cultivating immortals, you can find me.” The
little nurse is a fan of martial arts and fairy tales. What did Jiang Hao mean? His smile turned red.
“Bad guy.” The little nurse gave Jiang Hao a stern look.
Both hands were bandaged so that they looked like two gloves, Jiang Hao swayed from side to side, and said, “Would you like to be so exaggerated, how can I eat?”
“I’ll just wrap it up like this, how about it, you don’t accept it.” Xiao The nurse glared at Jiang Hao, her eyes full of provocation.
So, whoever offends should never offend the doctor, especially the doctor who is treating you. The nurses are the same. In case you have an operation, you will leave you with a piece of “scissors, rock, cloth” and cut it. the second time.
The little nurse insisted on Jiang Hao’s injuries again, and found that there were 南京炮网 only simple bruises and bruises. She took the medicine and applied the bruises. The little nurse thought for a while and said, “Would you like me to rub the bruises for you?”
“Okay. ”
Someone can’t ask for it.
The little nurse’s hands were very soft, she poured the medicinal liquor and rubbed 南京419论坛 gently, touching Jiang Hao’s strong muscles, and she felt a sense of reluctance to let go.
Men love women with long legs and big breasts, and women also love men with muscles.

? The middle level of the ruins has almost hollowed out the entire mountain. Could it be that the lower level actually spread to the ground?

Even as an ancient facility for studying the mysteries of gods, this scale is too big.
However, no matter how large its overall scale is, a considerable area of ??its mid-level area has been completely explored and mapped. Byron Knight confirmed the safety and solidity of those areas. Gawain’s next plan is to generalize the territory. Some things were transferred to the ruins in the mountains.
Those wide ancient halls cannot be wasted in vain. Their sturdiness and secrecy are 南京桑拿论坛 their greatest use value. Gawain plans to transfer the newly assembled heat ray gun production line, stamping armor production line and rune substrate production line to them, and other needs Things 南京龙凤论坛 that are kept secret or that are harmful to the environment and have loud noise can also be transferred to the mountain. It is itself a research facility in the ancient Gondor Empire. It has advanced protective structures and sound insulation effects, which are absolutely more than what can be built on the territory. The brick and tile factory that came out was much stronger.
Gao Wen picked up the dipping pen next to him, preparing to leave some records on one of the documents, but at this moment, a rush of footsteps suddenly came in from outside the door.
There was a knock on the door, and after getting Gawain’s response, Betty pushed the door and walked in.
“Master!” The little maid walked quickly to the desk, bowed in a sign that looked like she was about to throw herself over, and said crisply, “The Square of Knights 南京品茶网 Street Go up, someone caught a big fish!”
“Big fish?” Gao Wen was stunned. He didn’t expect that the girl ran over in a hurry to report such an inexplicable thing. “If you catch a fish, you can report it to the kitchen.”
Betty straightened up and was stunned. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head vigorously: “It’s too big to cook in a pot!”
“You w

tion, he immediately rushed back to the corridor with the gun.

“Bang, bang, bang!”
Gunshots continued throughout the building.
Zhou Huabiao grabbed the walkie-talkie and looked very nervous, while the gunshots 南京桑拿论坛 showed obvious movement, penetrating the police blockade points one by one, and finally reached the rooftop position.
“The target has been injured!”
“Hit the target!”
“The target flees to the eighth point”
Zhou Huabiao took a deep breath and waited for the next report.
The killer “O” hugged his arms and climbed to the rooftop gate with a look of embarrassment.
“Huh!” A young police officer appeared with a gun, with a cold expression on his gun and aiming, Wow! “O” is faster than him!
“Crack!” But when “O” pulled the trigger, there was a hollow sound from the pistol.
“Bang!” The young police officer pulled the trigger and shot the target decisively.
Then the young police officer stepped forward to pick up the “O” gun and unloaded the magazine, only to find that there was a bullet in it, which turned out to be a top killer who 南京龙凤论坛 was pitted by a local arms dealer.
The young police officer’s face was slightly surprised, but his eyes didn’t make much ripples. He just stood beside the corpse and pressed the headset and said: “Report sir! Group E killed the target! At the eighth position!”
“Huh!” Zhou Huabiao exhaled deeply. , Smiled and said: “What is your name?”
“Criminal Intelligence Officer Liu Jianming!” The young police officer replied aloud.
Group E is indeed a team composed of the Intelligence Section, responsible for handling the roof exits of public housing estates. The team is an intelligence section inspector and has no reputation.
And the Intelligence Section is not a professional action group. The place where it stands out is to provide operations, and the formation is only to supplement the police force… Originally everyone thought that the Intelligence Section would be mediocre, and it was unexpected that it would be so dazzling.
He Qiqing looked sati

, Betty ran into the study, and the little maid bowed to the end: “Master! Someone is looking for you! She said her name is”

“Invite her to come in,” Gawain interrupted Betty, “Also, go to prepare refreshments and send it to the study.”
“Ah! Okay!”
Gawain sorted out the papers on the desk, and after a few minutes, he was there. Hear footsteps coming from the direction of the corridor.
The door of the study room opened, and a young lady wearing a purple dress with a lavender veil on her face, with a covenant and mysterious figure, walked into the room under the leadership of the maid Betty – it was from the Mithril Treasury. Miss senior agent.
Betty temporarily retreated 南京419论坛 after bringing the guest to the study. Gawain glanced at Melita. He didn’t show any strange expression, but just nodded plainly: “Long time no see, Miss Agent.”
” Long time.” No, Duke Cecil,” Melita also nodded 南京炮网 slightly, and then came to Gawain’s desk a little unsteadily. “This city is really changing every day. It’s amazing.”
Gawain: ” ”
Although this Miss My little pony has tried to maintain a steady and dignified posture, Gawain can still see at a glance that the other party’s leg seems to be injured!
“What’s wrong with your legs?!”
“There are always accidents in life,” the lady agent said calmly, but I don’t know if it was an illusion, Gao Wen saw a faint irritation from the other side’s eyes, “A little bit does not affect It’s just a small injury at work.”
Gao Wen is of course very curious about why a senior agent of the Mithril Treasury was injured-and this agent is almost always a high-level extraordinary person, but he did not rashly ask others about their privacy. Habit, so I just pointed to the seat next to him: “Then sit 南京品茶网 down and talk–if I knew you were injured, I won’t call you today.”
“Mithril Treasury, reputation first, We have never given the slightest discount on customer service. This has always been the case for thousands of years,” the lady agent sat down in her chair, and then continued se

n the city will soon be under control.” When the

people heard that it was the management committee, they all showed a stunned look. Jiang Hao said to Liu Yuan: “Don’t be stunned, let’s drive a car and go home.
” Good.” The
two picked up a motorcycle and rushed towards their home. After walking for about five or six kilometers, Jiang Hao saw a familiar residential 南京品茶网 area, where some places were also damaged to varying degrees.
And it seems to be messy inside.
There are also screams.
When the two ran into the community, they found a lot of people running around here. One or two Jiang Hao still felt familiar. They should be neighbors. Jiang Hao grabbed a young boy and shouted: “What are you running? Seeing my family.”
The man stared at Jiang Hao, and said immediately, “Brother Haohao, those spaceships are making trouble. There are almost dozens of them. If you see people, you will hit them when you see them, and they said
Why don’t you listen to them, now the earth is going to end, they are going to kill us fools.” ” Where is my sister?” Jiang Hao roared.
“I don’t know, Brother Hao, let me go, otherwise those people will come over.” The prince was begging and struggling, Jiang Hao pushed him 南京夜生活论坛 aside, and the guy fell and squatted. Don’t say anything, just get up and run.
A cold light appeared in Jiang Hao’s eyes, “Liu Yuan, do you dare to kill?”
“Dare.” Liu Yuan gritted his teeth and said.
Jiang Hao threw the gun to him, and waved his hand and made another 南京龙凤论坛 one. Liu Yuan was very surprised, “Brother Hao, where did you hide this big guy?”
“What kind of nonsense, don’t leave it if there is a situation. Hand, listen to my orders.” Jiang Hao said sternly.
This guy listened to Jiang Hao’s words very much. As long as Jiang Hao had orders, he would just be okay, and he would have developed a natural habit.
The two rushed into an alley and found several guys carrying machetes rushing out of it. When those people saw Jiang Hao and the two, a guy headed pointed at them and said,

t think any normal-minded businessman would be uninterested in it,” Wenna said softly and maturely, “It’s not just me. Interest, even our Grey Elf King, and even several other kings, are very interested. “

“Ah, then I will introduce to you in detail,” Baldwin was filled with a smile on his face, beckoned to the shelf next to him, and the exquisitely restored model of the magic train flew into his hands smoothly.” First of all, we should start with the concept of “Magic Power Vehicle”. “The
foggy moon is getting deeper and the year is coming to an end. In this special year, this young and ancient country has experienced too many things. Too many changes.
This year, many people and things are destined to be recorded in history and become a pivotal mark in the vast human civilization. In this year, many new things are also destined to be born in this world and change people’s lives. Many old things are 南京炮网 quietly eliminated by the times, and gradually disappear from their original stage.
After a day of training, Jin Na walked slowly on the ramp of the back door of the Windcaller Camp. The wind from the mountains and forest blew past her, not violent, but surprisingly cold.
She recalled today’s special flying experience in her mind, and felt that her mood was quite agitated in a short time.
Today, she finally broke away from the stage of ground simulation and familiarization with mechanical operations, and for the first time, with the help of auxiliary trainers, she drove the magical machine named “Dragman” into the blue sky, even though it was only an hour away. The aerial training, the experience that is very different from riding a griffin still impressed her.
More stable, faster, more agile, lifeless steel and crystals are constructed into a bird-like flying machine. She and another 南京水磨会所 trained soldier sit in 南京龙凤网 the cockpit of a “dragon cavalry” that can carry three people. Led by the trainer, she swept across the sky at the northern foot of the dark mountain range, and the tremor caused by the

him! People from the Vietnam Gang didn’t bring them into the arena either, they just used it as a pomp.

This is his respect for Mr. Lei.
Mr. Lei was heavily guarded in the hall, not only with the most trusted statement, but also with a gun around each horse’s waist, which was full of bullets.
This is his respect for Mr. Zhuang.
Facing the raging atmosphere in front of him, Zhuang Shikai lifted his legs and said playfully, “Is there a radio?”
Lei Gong’s eyes were deep, as if he had a foreboding that something was going to happen and 南京水磨会所 something was going to happen. He stared at Zhuang Shikai and asked: “Does it sound good?”
Zhuang Shikai replied: “It must be wonderful!”
Thanks to the big brother “Sun and Moon in the pot, Universe in the sleeve” for rewarding the silver alliance.
Junzai was eating just now! It’s a surprise to hear that a big boss is giving a reward, I’m really terrified!
Thank you very much.
Junzai will continue to work hard.
There will be multiple explosions in October (plus changes that owe a leader to the front, join together twice, try to explode as many chapters as possible)
Junzai has just moved out of the rental house recently, so he can code well.
Thank you all.
454 Lord Zhuang got up! Bullet time!
“Take a radio.” Lei Gong raised his head and said.
“Take out the tape!” Zhuang Shikai preached with a smile.
A horse in a suit at the side 南京龙凤网 of the hall nodded lightly, and immediately turned to the counter to fetch a radio, click it, and place it on the tea table beside Zhuang Shikai and Lei Gong.
Rose opened her handbag, took out a tape, got up and 南京桑拿论坛 came to Zhuang Shikai.
Zhuang Shikai cast her an appreciative smile. Rose received a smile, nodded with a smile, turned on the radio, and put the tape in the broadcasting cassette.
“Squeak.” The
tape began to spin.
Rose returned to her position and sat down, tidying up her white dress, and a small smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.
At this moment, Ding Yao was staring at her.
Rose’s smil

like Qiao Xiu can’t distinguish two dwarves with the same beard color, or goblins.

Humans can’t distinguish the difference between sin karma and demon. In the eyes of fans of beauty and devil, all sin karma demon may be the elegant and gentle big cat prince.
“Sin Karma Devil is welcomed by Nolan”
If the previous Qiao Xiu’s experience in Nolan can be attributed to the category of shock, this sentence of Qiao Xiu makes Se Xili feel a bit incomprehensible that the
Sin Karma Demon sells 南京炮网 relative to humans. It’s not very friendly, it looks like the Chaos Demon has an appearance similar to that of humans.
“Uh there are many details that need explanation, through the newsletter unable to inform me, my sister, you if you have time to travel Nolan, that time I will show you a new Nolan, in terms of the devil.”
See Qiao Xiu responded with this, and the finger that Circe touched on the mirrored keyboard suddenly retracted like an electric shock.
She hesitated at this moment, she didn’t know how to answer Qiao Xiu.
There are many names for the city of Nolan, the capital of magic, the crystallization of human civilization, and the most prosperous city in the world.
Circe had longed for Nolan, because Nolan’s magical mechanical technology was enough to fascinate any power holder of the country. As long as he mastered these technologies, he could make all aspects of his country develop at a double speed.
In this respect, the Demon Realm can be said to be sighing backward. The entire Demon Realm has mastered some of the magical mechanical technology. Except for her 南京品茶网 subordinate, the demon with the appearance of a young female named Prophet, only hers. The younger brother Qiao Xiu is studying this knowledge.
If Nolan is really able to initially accept the devil as her brother said.
Circe pressed her fingertips on the mirrored keyboard again, and began to edit word by word.
“I have to manage the King City and cannot leave for the Demon Realm, but Qiao Xiu, I am going to send an envoy.” After Se

There are still many people who say they don’t like the Western World. I just want to ask, is this chapter not well written, or simply doesn’t like the story?

Seven chapters of vomiting 南京桑拿会所 blood, I apologized to those who didn’t like this story, and chose an unpopular theme, but since it has already started, I have to write him well, give up halfway and be cast aside, if I can, see you in the next story.
Chapter 418: On the Many Ways of Robbery in the West.
When a man releases himself, his entire world is free. When a country releases himself, it must be chaotic. Today’s west is such an unfettered world .
Cowboys, revolvers, robbers, sheriffs, horses, cacti, taverns, deserts, caravans, Mexicans and Indians are all symbols of the West.
Development, construction, chaos, violence, and killing are the theme songs of the West.
This wild overture will last for a hundred years.
The night in Mexico’s winter is cold. In the
small town of Messia,
two security guards staying at the bank leaned on the fireplace sofa and fell asleep. Suddenly, they heard a turbulent kicking sound from outside, and the two looked at each other. , One of them said, “It feels like a herd of cows.”
“Why 南京桑拿论坛 did the herd of cows come to town?”
His companion shrugged, “Who knows, it’s not the herders who got lost, so they drove the cows here. Right.”
“Hehe, if the sheriff sees cows entering the town, he will detain all those cows mercilessly, then sell them and put the money into his pocket.”
“Hahaha, you are right.”
Just as the two were talking and laughing, separated by two layers of iron railings, they suddenly saw a thick rope sticking out from the iron fence window and enclosing the back window of the vault. Both of them were shocked, “What’s the situation?
” Could it be?” The
looked at each other and said together, “Someone was robbed.” Although the security guards looked at the vault, they didn’t have the key. Two iron fences blocked them from entering, and they could only watch everything

so hated Kim Sungju’s betrayal. He also knew that once this person rebelled, the entire Goguryeo would fall into chaos if he did not eliminate it in the future. .

Collected the soldiers of several tribes, a total of more than 20,000 people, after preparing enough food and grass, they sent their troops directly to Bucheon. Pingcheng is about 500 miles away from Bucheon, and is separated by rolling hills and mountains. Jinshengzhou is not a straw bale. It has been prepared for early. He even set aside spies in Pingcheng. After learning that King Goguryeo had assembled his army, he immediately reacted, gathering all the combatable soldiers of his tribe and pressing them to the front line of the mountains.
There are only a few roads from Pingcheng to Bucheon. On these roads, Jinshengzhou has long built a walled city, each of which can be used for two thousand troops. The high mountains 南京龙凤网 here are steep and the roads are difficult. There is no big battle formation at all. I want to pass. In mountainous areas, these stockades must be pulled out.
King Goguryeo brought a few tribe leaders over and looked at the walled city built with stones in front of him. King Goguryeo ordered: “Each unit will send out 500 soldiers to launch the first round of offensive.”
Three thousand soldiers were gathered . , With different clothes and different outfits, these people are holding swords, guns and axe, carrying the siege ladder, and roaring towards the walled city.
Standing at the head of the city, Jin Shengzhou looked at King Goguryeo and several tribal leaders in the distance, and said coldly: “If you want to break through my walled city, how easy is it. Prepare your bow and arrow and start shooting near 100 steps.
” Come on!” 南京水磨会所
Goguryeo soldiers rushed 南京龙凤论坛 quickly, but after running to the city, what awaited them was a dense rain of arrows. Although many people raised their s