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ose to the base, the base is open, and then the piston is pushed away. Push away as soon as you get closer, and push away as soon as you get closer. Wow, jumping around.”
So what picture emerged in this girl’s head that caused the words “bouncing” to pop up?
Heidi and Gawain stared at Rebecca. The former was surprised at the exquisiteness of this solution, while the latter was amazed at how the silly roe deer was a genius in science and engineering. How did she seamlessly switch between magical knowledge and mechanical knowledge , Can you jump out of your current thinking and get results in the new thinking in an instant? Doesn’t her mind need to be cooled? Or does it mean that these two pieces of knowledge are running synchronously in her mind? Use whichever solution comes out?
And Rebecca was stared at and narrowed her neck: “Am I wrong?”
“No, no, this 南京水磨会所 is a very good way,” Heidi hurriedly waved, “And I thought of more: Why do we only engrave one Repulsion force array? Pistons need to move back and forth, so we can also engrave the repulsion force array on the other end of the power mechanism, so that the piston can do two afterburners in one reciprocation.”
Gao Wen also looked at the table seriously In the sketch, thinking about the location of the rune trigger in my mind, I suddenly had some thoughts: “In addition, fixing the rune trigger on the piston is not the best way, which means that it will only connect one in one operation. In an instant, we can connect it to the shaft of the flywheel, and let the two rune arrays at both ends of the piston be controlled by this trigger, and use a kind of’pick’ device to switch the magic circuit of the trigger. In other words, When 南京炮网 the flywheel turns to the first half circle, the rune is inside the first circle, and when the flywheel turns to the other half circle, the rune connects to another circle, so that the piston is pushed away from the repulsive circle. During the whole process, the first repulsive force circle is working until the piston r


ought too many things. There were four or five suitcases. Finally, she found a car to take all these things home.
It was already around 8 o’clock in the evening when they returned home. After the two of them had taken a shower, Ma Xiaoling came out and came to the photo of Granny Dana and took out three incense from the side.
Going up, the incense burns spontaneously.
Putting three incense sticks into the 南京419论坛 incense burner, Ma Xiaoling smiled and said, “Auntie, I made a lot of money when I went to Japan this time. This is enough to spend. Even if I don’t make money in the future, this money is enough to provide for the elderly.”
Brush~ ~!
A phantom came out of the photo, and Madonna kindly looked at Ma Xiaoling,
“Xiaoling has made money. It’s good to make money. Then remember to burn more beautiful clothes for her aunt. And these tributes are all plastic, so you can’t eat them at all. What a fool, give me something delicious, okay, Xiaoling?”
Ma Xiaoling was very happy this time, ” Okay , this time I can meet my aunt’s request, burn you the most beautiful clothes, and buy you another one. Suckling pig.”
“Okay, okay~~!” Madonna clapped her hands happily.
After talking with her aunt, Ma Xiaoling was wearing pajamas and pajamas, 南京品茶网 lying cross-legged on the sofa, and picked up the phone to call Zhenzhen.
“Zhenzhen, I came back from Japan and brought gifts for you and auntie.”
Ma Xiaoling put the phone in her neck, holding a file for manicure, lying on the sofa and talking on the phone with Zhenzhen.
Ma Xiaoling always looks tough to outsiders, but she always 南京龙凤网 looks amiable when facing Zhenzhen, as if she is very happy to see her.
“Ah, you are back, is everything going well?” Zhenzhen asked.
“Very smoothly, there is still a lot of time to go shopping, it is a loss for you not to follow.” Ma Xiaoling said with a smile.
“Then what gift
did you buy for me?” “I won’t tell you first, I need to leave a sense of mystery and expectation.” Ma Xiaoling said playfully.
Zhenzhen thought


ched by him, silently ate another piece of pizza. The
next day, at four o’clock in the morning.
It was not dawn yet, so Su Feng naturally could not see the Philadelphia sun.
Looking at the empty basketball court, Su Feng sighed secretly.
“It seems that you still have to use a small horn.”
Just as Su Feng was preparing to act, suddenly a basketball slammed at him.
“You are really a lunatic.”
Although it was not cold in Philadelphia at the end of May, it was four o’clock in the morning after all, so Kobe, who was wearing a short coat and short sleeves, was still a little trembling
. Su Feng suddenly wanted to cry.
He is really Lei!
My plug-in, ah, my idol, he’s Lei!
“I can say ok first, I am 南京夜生活论坛 not here to accompany you one-on-one, and I won’t have that stupid one-on-one with you anymore. I think you should also be clear that you are not mine at all. At
just as Kobe explained to Su Feng why he was going to the appointment, suddenly, a sandwich was handed to his mouth.
this moment, Su Feng’s eyes express 南京品茶网 the meaning is very simple: hold back and eat first,
“I made it by myself. You must have not eaten breakfast yet. When you are full, we will come one-on-one.” As he said, Su Feng also handed Kobe a bottle of milk.
Although his parents have taught Kobe not to eat food from strangers, he
still ca n’t his stomach and gurgling,
“It tastes good, it’s you. Made it yourself?” Kobe said intently after a sandwich was eaten.
Su Feng handed Kobe two more sandwiches, “Of course I made it myself, don’t worry, there are many more.”
Kobe realized that Su Feng’s schoolbag was filled with a bag full of sandwiches
. Is it the legendary
As the so-called cannibalism is soft, take a short hand.
After eating breakfast, Kobe actually forgot that he came over this morning to make it clear to Su Feng, lest this guy keeps pestering 南京龙凤论坛 him,
“Come on, let’s go heads-up, we haven’t decided the outcome yet!” Kobe, Su Feng felt as excited as watching bund


happy to see his apprentice bring gifts to him. After all, this was the apprentice’s heart.
Chapter 530: A Thousand Miles Chasing Your Husband (Repair)
“Okay, let go, don’t bother to clean up for the teacher.” The old way began to rush people.
“I think you obviously want to take a nap.” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
“Midnight sleep, health regimen, “Heyin” and “Heyang”, I still want to live to be 100 years old, so I must pay attention to health care, you, stay up late in the future, staying up late is the easiest for kidney deficiency, know, don’t fight Come chaos when you’re young.” The old Tao taught another sentence.
Jiang Hao smiled, “Master, I am in good health, and I also have spiritual protection. How could it be possible that the kidney is weak? 南京桑拿会所 You don’t know that the young people outside are all cultivating immortals. When nothing is wrong, chase novels. Watch vibrato, sing K, drink alcohol, play it until two or three o’clock before going to bed.”
Old Dao snorted, “Then you didn’t ask them if they were all irritable and irritable, lack of concentration, weak kidneys, and weakened kidneys. , Even women don’t want to think about it anymore, huh, the way to die, the chaos and chaos of the day, what quality can it have.”
“Okay, okay, don’t get entangled with me, hurry and go.” The old Tao finished. Lie down again, propped his head with his hands, and fell asleep again.
Jiang Hao gave a slight salute and slowly exited the room. Although he was amused by the old way, he really respected this master.
Going back to my small yard, the yard is about 20 square meters, with flowers 南京桑拿论坛 and plants on both sides, and a thick plum tree beside it. I don’t know which owner of the small courtyard planted, and now it has grown to the thickness of thighs.
The house is not big, just one living room and one bedroom. The living room is equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, tea sets, and even a TV. It is 南京龙凤网 more modern, and the house is much simpler. There is only one cabinet and one soil