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“Then you guys. What’s your plan afterwards?”
“First stay with the Zhou clan for a while, then go to the 南京品茶网 Kong clan, and the last stop to the Wang clan.”
Ren Xiaosu was surprised: “You said they are ambitious, and dare to join the trap?”
Luo Lan laughed. “You won’t be a tiger if you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, and the Wang family won’t do anything to me right now. I’m just going for a stroll to see if the Wang family is really one piece of iron as the outside world says.” I
have to say, Ren Xiaosu still I really admire Luo Lan, this cargo is really iron, wherever it is dangerous, go wherever it is. Everything is for the Qing family.
In fact, at a certain moment, Ren Xiaosu felt that when the shadow of Qingzhen became the lord of the Qing family, Luo Lan became the shadow of Qingzhen.
Luo Lan will help him do the dirty things that Qingzhen can’t do.
Ten minutes after leaving the Houguan Lake villa area, the palace said: “The 南京桑拿会所 mission is completed, and the reward is 10 agility.”
Ren Xiaosu is delighted. This is the completion of the mission. He is one step closer to breaking through 20 in both strength and agility. I don’t know. In double 20, what abilities the palace will open to him.
Now, Ren Xiaosu’s strength is 135, and his agility is 131!
“Stop,” Ren Xiaosu said.
Zhou Yingxue was surprised, but didn’t question anything, but just stepped on the brakes.
Ren Xiaosu smiled and said to Luo Lan: “Since you don’t want to run, then go back.”
Luo Lan: “???”
Everyone in the car was shocked at the time, what are they doing?
However, he saw Ren Xiaosu handing Luo Lan a USB flash drive: “There is a recording. The person I interrogated is Wu Tong, a grade A killer under Anjing Temple. The five-member team came to the No. 73 barrier and colluded with the Order Department. The director killed Zhou Xilong, and the recording inside is the evidence. In this way, you will be innocent.”
Luo Lan was taken aback for a moment: “The killer of Anjing Temple? How did you fin

n, the perfect plan he conceived has an unknown change. Place! “Dr. Sun’s words awakened Chen Ge. He held the glass jar in both hands and looked back at Dr. Sun with difficulty. Most of the scars on the face and body of that doctor were bleeding. What he said seemed to trigger some kind of Curse, the body is being punished extremely terribly. “The hospital will not give up if you fail to achieve your purpose. You will be locked in the hospital forever, unless they feel that you are slowly becoming what they want. “Doctor Sun pointed to the glass jar in front of Chen Ge: “We are now in your brain maze. This is the ability of a night shift doctor. You can understand it as hypnosis.” “The hospital behind this door was woven from the memory of the night doctor. His purpose is to let you kill all the patients here and drive you completely crazy!” When you become the last survivor, you will see yourself appearing covered in blood, and you will realize that you are the murderer! “But it doesn’t matter, I have replaced the drugs for you, the murderers in the hospital have also been played for you by my evil thoughts, and the phantoms of those patients have all been killed by me! You just need to insist that everyone is killed by you, and you have forgotten all the others! “The scar on Dr. Sun’s body is constantly cracking, and the blood is covered with blood, but the speed of speech is getting faster and faster: “Time is running out!” You must remember the location of the seven glass jars and the organs inside! I found some information, and those seven glass jars contain the things that are most important to you! “Even in the memory of others, it can affect you, indicating that the relationship between you is far beyond my previous imagination! You must find them! That is the only thing that belongs to you in this hospital! “The head in the glass jar began to violently hit the glass jar. As Doctor Gao escaped, the hospital seemed to be in an earthquake. Footsteps came from outside the corridor, and a blood-c

way, I will take the time to reply to you. It is not very convenient now.”

“Well, teacher, I will contact you later.”
Hung up the communication, Liu Wen Yan was surprised: “Yuehua, do you know Su Yu, this kid, does Bai Feng take him seriously?”
“Su Yu?”
Without Wu Yuehua speaking, the middle-aged strong man He Qi smiled and said, “Brother Liu, Su Yu, I know! Few people in the university don’t know. It turned out to be a student of Brother Liu. No wonder I said that Bai Feng could not teach them. Such a student”
Liu Wenyan laughed, he actually didn’t teach Su Yu too much.
It’s just a few basic knowledge, why can’t Bai Feng teach such students?
“Su Yu still has some fame?”
Liu Wenyan was a little curious now, “He has entered the top 100 list?”
“More than that!”
He Qi laughed and said, “That kid is amazing, not only has he made it into the top 100 list,” It also made Zhou Mingren’s group embarrassing and a lot of trouble! Zhou 南京桑拿会所 Mingren’s old boy didn’t come this time, I’m afraid he was solving these troubles.” After
simply recounting Su Yu’s troubles in the school, 南京水磨会所 Liu Wenyan looked surprised. , “Such a big change?”
Is this still the impression of Su Yu?
It hasn’t been long since I came here, how come such a big change!
It’s all ninefold!
Defeating the 38 students on the top 100 list, the troubled Zhou Mingren was all disgraced, which really surprised him.
A little embarrassed!
I really didn’t expect that before Su Yu said that he had a good time, but now it seems that it is more than good.
I didn’t ask any more, now he can’t go to school.
Moreover, there is no need to involve Su Yu and Bai Feng in these matters.
Both of these are too weak!
Even if Bai Feng vacated eightfold, it wasn’t enough to look at it.
Inside the school.
Su Yu hung up the communication, thought about it, and quickly walked towards the research institute.
Does Teacher Liu have any scruples if he doesn’t come?
Since he is not coming, let the teacher go! 南京炮网
Quickly returned to the

to combine third-class, one-to-two, four-to-five, and so on.

There are also many second-class gangs, and maybe soon, someone will step into the heavenly realm.
At this moment, Changqing was also beaming with joy, and whispered: “Your Majesty, that side of Yunling”
Baizhan glanced at the crowd, “Tianzun reaches 10, then find a way to make a breakthrough!”
Now, it’s not counted as a hundred battles. With the addition of thunderstorms, it is only 6 places, four places short.
However, Bai Zhan felt that it was fast.
南京品茶网 There are several heavenly kings, and they all feel that they are almost reaching the realm of heavenly sovereigns.
I didn’t dare to think about 南京龙凤论坛 it in the past.
But now, there is hope.
There are many deities of the ten thousand races, but the deities of the ten thousand races are not one. Moreover, the ten thousand races also lack the strongest person like a hundred warriors.
It is also a good thing to spend six thousand years of dormancy in exchange for getting out of your body.
Everyone was thinking, and their long eyebrows said again: “Your Majesty, will Su Yu’s side be a bad thing? He has captured all worlds, and all worlds are known! Once the upper and lower realms are opened, the upper realms must know that too , At that time, if you first attacked Su Yu and Su Yu’s combat power is now, it is not easy to judge. ”
How many strong Su Yu’s subordinates are there?
At this moment, everyone is not too clear.
Jiang Haihou and the others saw something in Upper Realm, but no one can guarantee Su Yu’s situation.
Bai Zhan 南京龙凤网whispered: “Well, Su Yu’s affairs are temporarily ignored! The battle of the upper realm, after the war, the ten thousand clan and the prison king have not made up their minds to tear their faces, this matter, we need to wait. ”
On that side of
Yueluo, ” Long eyebrow asked again.
Bai Zhan chuckled: “It’s okay, there will be some arrangements over there! You can rest assured that six thousand years ago, we may not be able to win the ten

tter at the time. It may be one or more than one. The huge energy fluctuations of the Deep Blue Well are enough to penetrate all areas of the world, and the interference generated will be in the deep sea. They all formed huge black barriers, and I don’t even know what happened in the big bang.

“But I can answer you one thing–the year-long sleep of the Loren gods at that time was not a result of suffering. The impact of 南京桑拿会所 the explosion of the Deep Blue Well. ”
Isn’t 南京品茶网 it affected by Deep Blue Well?” “Gao Wen asked in surprise, “What’s the reason for that?” ”
The operation of the church has stopped, the structure of the diocese has collapsed, the original regular religious activities have suddenly stopped, and the most important population has dropped,” Enya said in a low voice, “don’t forget that the main body supporting the faith is a sufficient population. The foundation of God is believers, and there were too many people who died in the catastrophe seven hundred years ago. It was a heavy blow to the god Loren, who had not yet broken free from the’chains’ and had to rely on his thoughts to keep running. ”
Gawain subconsciously held his breath, and it took a long time to slowly exhale the breath.
“But I still have a question,” he asked immediately, “After the’magic tide’ seven hundred years 南京夜生活论坛 ago, although Countries are working hard to get rid of the impact of the disaster, but the population recovery did not happen overnight. In just one year, there was no significant population increase in the four kingdoms, and even due to food shortages and monster nuisances, there were small problems in Typhon and Ansu. The population declines by a large margin. In this case, the gods have recovered. How can this be explained? ”
It is this harsh situation that will cause more people to seek sustenance of faith,” Enya explained patiently, “You should know the situation at the time-how many people became pious in the predicament believer? How many people who originally did not believe in God or had only a

d fish!” Gu Yue was angry. She had a scuffle with Lin Xianyu in the past, and her clothes were soaked before, so when she checked in the hospital, she naturally changed them.

She rushed back and didn’t want her roommate to misunderstand her, but she didn’t expect Lin Xianyu to wake up so early! Fortunately, now only Lin Xianyu is left in the dormitory, and the other two roommates have gone home to reunite.
Gu Yueyan’s agile skills, Lin Xianyu was not sober, the latter was naturally beaten up, so she could only hide in the air-conditioner and yelled:
“The squad leader who went on a date beat someone, and the squad leader who had a wild man beat someone. The squad leader of the target hit someone, and whether there is Wang Fa, is anyone in charge!”
Suddenly, the fist hitting the quilt stopped, and Lin Xianyu 南京炮网 stretched out his head and saw that Gu Yueyan was holding the clothes. Go to the bathroom without a word.
“I have a bath!”
Lin Xianyu lifted the quilt and said with some suspicion, “I was only satisfied with the victory of the fist. I ran away before the victory in words, unlike the squad leader, huh?”
Naturally, I need to put down my mobile phone to take a bath, Lin Xian When Yu saw Gu Yueyan’s phone on the desktop, he smiled, and quietly went over and picked it up to unlock that the two of them were very familiar with this semester. Lin Xianyu, of course, knew the phone code for a long time.
“Let me see where the squad leader went to play yesterday, what photos did you take, huh?”
Lin Xianyu blinked and looked at the screen on the phone. The smile on his face instantly became sluggish.
Chapter 209 Are You Anxious
“Did you dream about suffocation?”
Ren Suo guessed the right result, but didn’t guess the right person.
“Why are you here?”
“Because the deputy bureau thinks I 南京夜生活论坛 know you well, so send me.” Old God Qiao Muyi said: “If you are really dreaming, the deputy bureau thinks that I have a stronger persuasive ability. , Can make you sober.”
What is persuasive, obviously

illful question, and pointed his finger at the crystal ball in front of him. “Can you just look at this directly?”

“The picture of the crystal ball is too small It’s too vague,” Sansa said.
“You will meet with Yinuo every day, this time you shouldn’t need to be so excited.”
“This time, peace is not the same as before.” Before Sansa could finish her words, she was interrupted by the sound from the arena.
The protolite 南京品茶网 installed in the magic arena began to operate under the magic transmission of a mentor, and the projected picture was directly presented on the pure white wall built at the time.
The frost elf Tai Lin soon appeared on the wall. As the host of this interview, Tai Lin looked a little nervous.
It is the first time that she has shown her true appearance in public. Normally, she only needs to use her own voice to conquer Nolan’s audience.
Tailin took some time to adjust, and after the audience commented that the frost elf took a deep breath, a smile appeared on her face.
“Good day, everyone, welcome to listen to Nolan’s Voice again. Well, I am Tai Lin. I will not tell the story for the time being this afternoon. I will use it to interview two well-known actors.” After
Tai Lin finished speaking, the scene of the picture suddenly 南京419论坛 changed. As soon as the screen turned, Yinuo appeared on the screen.
The succubus came to Nolan for so long and still hasn’t changed. Under Sansa’s suggestion, his hair length became more and more similar to that of a 南京桑拿会所 girl. When Yinuo waved his hand at the camera, he showed a shy smile. Time.
There was a strange cheer in the arena.
Sansa next to “It’s Belle” also cheered.
As a bystander, the prophet recorded all this in her own eyes. She came to Helland and asked Helland in a very low voice.
“Do you know the true identity of the so-called Belle?” This
is not the first time the Prophet has seen these human fanatics, but no matter how many times she sees it, she feels very shocked and incredible.
Although it was not too cold after watching

s each believe in the exact gods and idols, but from the overall perspective Look, what a mortal believes in is actually not a certain and unchanging god, but a certain “conceptual product” that is unified and almost inevitable in the development of civilization!

Mortals are afraid of fire, so they have the belief in fire. Mortals yearn for light and justice, so they have the belief in light. Mortals need trade and 南京龙凤网 fairness, so they have business beliefs. The worship of war and blood has spawned war and blood. Faith, the awe of the night gave birth to
the belief in shadows and darkness. Their beliefs were all directed to a certain concept at the beginning, and the exact image of the gods should be the product after that.
So Tyre said that no matter how many generations of civilizations have changed, they are worshiping “similar gods”, but the images of gods of civilizations vary greatly from season to season!
Gao Wen couldn’t help but think of the primitive gods on the earth in the ancient times, and the people on the earth have experienced similar things. First they had awe of a certain phenomenon in the natural world, and then from this vague and conceptual awe, a more definite one was born. Gods, but unlike the earth,
Gods and their powers are real in this world .
If those gods whose images are constantly 南京炮网 changing, if they are truly eternal, and they also have the same human characteristics as those promoted by various religions, will they allow season after season of mortal civilization to shape their image at will?
Obviously it is impossible. After all, even if a few syllables are wrong when chanting the prayers in the Holy Light sect, they may be “punished” by the Holy Light to death. Those gods are not so tolerant to mortals.
So there is only one conclusion: in each season of the civilized religious system, the gods have really changed at least, and their images have really changed.
Gawain couldn’t help but a very bold question popped up in his mind: Did God create man or

? The middle level of the ruins has almost hollowed out the entire mountain. Could it be that the lower level actually spread to the ground?

Even as an ancient facility for studying the mysteries of gods, this scale is too big.
However, no matter how large its overall scale is, a considerable area of ??its mid-level area has been completely explored and mapped. Byron Knight confirmed the safety and solidity of those areas. Gawain’s next plan is to generalize the territory. Some things were transferred to the ruins in the mountains.
Those wide ancient halls cannot be wasted in vain. Their sturdiness and secrecy are 南京桑拿论坛 their greatest use value. Gawain plans to transfer the newly assembled heat ray gun production line, stamping armor production line and rune substrate production line to them, and other needs Things 南京龙凤论坛 that are kept secret or that are harmful to the environment and have loud noise can also be transferred to the mountain. It is itself a research facility in the ancient Gondor Empire. It has advanced protective structures and sound insulation effects, which are absolutely more than what can be built on the territory. The brick and tile factory that came out was much stronger.
Gao Wen picked up the dipping pen next to him, preparing to leave some records on one of the documents, but at this moment, a rush of footsteps suddenly came in from outside the door.
There was a knock on the door, and after getting Gawain’s response, Betty pushed the door and walked in.
“Master!” The little maid walked quickly to the desk, bowed in a sign that looked like she was about to throw herself over, and said crisply, “The Square of Knights 南京品茶网 Street Go up, someone caught a big fish!”
“Big fish?” Gao Wen was stunned. He didn’t expect that the girl ran over in a hurry to report such an inexplicable thing. “If you catch a fish, you can report it to the kitchen.”
Betty straightened up and was stunned. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head vigorously: “It’s too big to cook in a pot!”
“You w

t think any normal-minded businessman would be uninterested in it,” Wenna said softly and maturely, “It’s not just me. Interest, even our Grey Elf King, and even several other kings, are very interested. “

“Ah, then I will introduce to you in detail,” Baldwin was filled with a smile on his face, beckoned to the shelf next to him, and the exquisitely restored model of the magic train flew into his hands smoothly.” First of all, we should start with the concept of “Magic Power Vehicle”. “The
foggy moon is getting deeper and the year is coming to an end. In this special year, this young and ancient country has experienced too many things. Too many changes.
This year, many people and things are destined to be recorded in history and become a pivotal mark in the vast human civilization. In this year, many new things are also destined to be born in this world and change people’s lives. Many old things are 南京炮网 quietly eliminated by the times, and gradually disappear from their original stage.
After a day of training, Jin Na walked slowly on the ramp of the back door of the Windcaller Camp. The wind from the mountains and forest blew past her, not violent, but surprisingly cold.
She recalled today’s special flying experience in her mind, and felt that her mood was quite agitated in a short time.
Today, she finally broke away from the stage of ground simulation and familiarization with mechanical operations, and for the first time, with the help of auxiliary trainers, she drove the magical machine named “Dragman” into the blue sky, even though it was only an hour away. The aerial training, the experience that is very different from riding a griffin still impressed her.
More stable, faster, more agile, lifeless steel and crystals are constructed into a bird-like flying machine. She and another 南京水磨会所 trained soldier sit in 南京龙凤网 the cockpit of a “dragon cavalry” that can carry three people. Led by the trainer, she swept across the sky at the northern foot of the dark mountain range, and the tremor caused by the