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the farthest point to eat. Ren Suo asked: “We have a good game, can you play or not?” It

is already customary for three people to black out before dinner. If it is dinner, Xiao Jiu will join the battle and turn into four people to black out.
“You can’t come and sit?”
“But come, the smell on your body has smoked me.”
Ren Suo sniffed the back of his hand, the scent of hand sanitizer, and suspected Lin Xianyu was carrying out a malicious personal attack. .
When it was about to start, Ren Suo looked at Dong Chengling, and Dong Chengling looked back with a small look. 南京夜生活论坛
“Don’t Mu Gongzi come?”
Dong Chengling sat down, and
Yun said lightly : “She is going to work today.”
“Does Mu Gongzi not intend to teleport over for dinner?” Dong Chengling picked up a bowl and took a sip of seaweed. Egg Flower Soup: “There are many delicious shops near the Countermeasures Bureau.”
Ren Suo blinked: “The Mu son -”
Ren Suo and the other girls turned their heads and saw Qiao Muyi walking from the balcony stepping on the noon sun. Entering the living room, wearing a countermeasure vest, his long hair tied into a capable single ponytail, his fox-like eyes narrowed slightly, and his face filled with scary smiles.
Ren Suo said in surprise: “I thought you were not coming.”
“I can’t tell you, but some people don’t want me to come, Xiao Suo, don’t be fooled by a little bitch.”
Qiao Muyi suddenly grabbed Ren Suo, and the unconscious 南京龙凤论坛 Ren Suo was shocked by a surge of spiritual energy. Falling forward, Qiao Muyi stretched out his hand around his waist and hugged him with one hand, as if he was jumping a waltz of male and female rebellion.
Dong 南京龙凤网 Chengling put down the dishes and said calmly: “I didn’t say you are not coming, but I just said some possible reasons why you are not coming.”
“I made a lot of calls today and sent a lot of messages> “Sorry, I During class, all electronic devices will be turned off by example. ”
I activated this space coordinate necklace.” “It
may be that the aura in t


shed out of the camp and looked up and saw two eagles in the sky. Hovering, he immediately waved his arms to the sky excitedly.
“Chuck~!” With
a loud eagle, a Hai Dongqing swooped down. The guards of Goguryeo were afraid that the king would be injured. Just when they wanted to do something, the king of Goguryeo immediately shouted, “No one 南京桑拿论坛is allowed to move.” The
guards immediately punished. The ground dared not move.
Daqing flapped his wings and stopped on a wooden stand next to him. King Goguryeo saw the bamboo tube on the condor’s paws at a glance and immediately went over to take it down. Daqing waited there and didn’t move. King Goguryeo said to the guard next to him, ” Feed some fresh meat to the condor.”
A guard brought a live rabbit, cut off the meat and fed it to Daqing, but Daqing didn’t eat it at all, and didn’t even look at the meat.
King Goguryeo admired in his heart, he was indeed a condor tamed by the national teacher.
After reading Jiang Hao’s letter, knowing that Jiang Hao has reached the estuary of the Han River, I became excited and immediately replied, clarifying the situation here, stuffing the reply into a bamboo tube, Daqing spread his wings, and flew back to the sky in just a few clicks. After meeting with Xiaoqing in the sky, he flew towards the fleet.
After seeing the letter from Daqing, Jiang Hao took the minced meat from the side. Daqing and Xiaoqing immediately ate happily. Jiang Hao turned to Jibu and said, “Notify all the fleets, start immediately,南京龙凤网 and go straight. Bucheon City.”
Chapter 939: The day when the city is broken is the time when the city is slaughtered. When the
fleet enters the Han River, the first is a few boats, and there are sailors to observe the water pattern at any time to see if it is suitable for the entry of the tooth boat or the treasure boat.
“The river is wide enough for a boat!”
“The water is smooth and deep enough to enter a big ship.”
Jiang Hao stood on the treasure ship, and the crew reported the detection resul


“I haven’t forgotten, the gifts are all ready, and we will pass in a while.”
“Well, we will gather downstairs at 11 o’clock, and we will go up with Sengge.”
Jiang Hao collected the two guns and hid them in a small stone cave in the mountain. Even if he is discovered, 南京桑拿会所 the gun is lost at most. If he is found by the police, it is a felony. Although he is an undercover agent, it will be troublesome to find him.
Putting on a pair and drove to the richest restaurant. The time was just right. Wang Sen, A Kun, and the Chipmunk were just here. Several people saw Jiang Hao coming and greeted them one after another. Jiang Hao stepped forward and called out his eldest brother.
Wang Sen nodded, “Let’s go in.” Wang Sen started and took his six younger brothers into the restaurant.
When he went upstairs, the chipmunk asked, “Maltose, what gift do you prepare.”
“I have prepared a golden birthday peach, which costs more than 20,000 yuan, and you.” Maltose said.
“I have prepared a gold medal. Guanyin will cost 18 thousand.”
“By the way, Hao, what gift did you prepare.”
Jiang Hao smiled, “I prepared a gold Rolex.” Jiang Hao said. Take out a gift box 南京419论坛 from his pocket.
“Damn, you’re so generous, you need seventy to eighty thousand.” Akun said.
“Eighty eight thousand and eighty.”
“You are quite willing.”
“Seng Ge said, you can’t shame him. Isn’t this to support Sen Ge.” Jiang Hao 南京品茶网 said.
Wang Sen listened and patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder with a smile, “A Hao is still sensible, you guys, all of you don’t fucking give me a face.”
“Big Brother, now A Hao is the big boss, and we all follow him. He has enough to eat.” Chipmunk said, licking his face.
A lot of people have gathered in the hall upstairs of the corridor. Dongxing’s boss Camel is sitting in the main seat and is chatting with several old people of Dongxing with a smile. Wang Sen brings a few younger brothers over, “Big brother, your birthday today, I will take Bring a few younger brothers over to pray for your birthday.”


i to equip the “Sacred Light Crystal”, the “Sacred Light Crystal” also gave Ren Suo a solution: enchanting.
Enchanting is equivalent to temporarily granting the passive effect of the “Divine Light Crystal” to the target, and compared to the original version that restores 1% aura per second, the enchanted creature can increase the target’s powerful buff that restores 2% aura per second for 12 hours. Not to be underestimated in the game, let alone the reality.
This is also one of the benefits of systemization, because even Didela didn’t know that the Divine Light Fragments could be 南京419论坛 consumed as props besides wearing them.
Even if Ren Xingmei is currently in a state of aura suppression, the 12-hour powerful enchanting buff should be enough for her to awaken. Ren Suo narrowed his mind slightly, and equipped himself with “Divine Light Fragments”, and a round of half-moon jade gems appeared on the back of his right hand.
Enchanting is very simple. Ren Suo lightly tapped Ren Xingmei’s forehead, and a round of emerald light rippled across her body, indicating that Ren Xingmei had been strengthened.
Dong Chengling watched all this and asked thoughtfully: “This
should be all right ?” “It should be possible, I hope it’s okay.” Ren Suo sighed and said: “I originally wanted to direct the light The fragments were used for her. I didn’t expect something went wrong. I can only use this method to transfer the energy of the divine light fragments to her.”
“You are very powerful.”
“Not very powerful.” Ren Suo said embarrassedly. “Fortunately, Lorifis mentioned the incident of the Divine Light Fragment, otherwise I can’t remember it.”
Dong Chengling shook his head and said, “It’s not just this. The priest Zhao Zili summoned them and found that they 南京品茶网 could not help me and Xingmei. In order to protect us, you became a human being from another world. Sony came to Didra with us. You are really amazing.”
Ren Suo Weiyi Startled, he pondered for a moment and said: “Speaking of, Cheng Ling, about these things”


ose to the base, the base is open, and then the piston is pushed away. Push away as soon as you get closer, and push away as soon as you get closer. Wow, jumping around.”
So what picture emerged in this girl’s head that caused the words “bouncing” to pop up?
Heidi and Gawain stared at Rebecca. The former was surprised at the exquisiteness of this solution, while the latter was amazed at how the silly roe deer was a genius in science and engineering. How did she seamlessly switch between magical knowledge and mechanical knowledge , Can you jump out of your current thinking and get results in the new thinking in an instant? Doesn’t her mind need to be cooled? Or does it mean that these two pieces of knowledge are running synchronously in her mind? Use whichever solution comes out?
And Rebecca was stared at and narrowed her neck: “Am I wrong?”
“No, no, this 南京水磨会所 is a very good way,” Heidi hurriedly waved, “And I thought of more: Why do we only engrave one Repulsion force array? Pistons need to move back and forth, so we can also engrave the repulsion force array on the other end of the power mechanism, so that the piston can do two afterburners in one reciprocation.”
Gao Wen also looked at the table seriously In the sketch, thinking about the location of the rune trigger in my mind, I suddenly had some thoughts: “In addition, fixing the rune trigger on the piston is not the best way, which means that it will only connect one in one operation. In an instant, we can connect it to the shaft of the flywheel, and let the two rune arrays at both ends of the piston be controlled by this trigger, and use a kind of’pick’ device to switch the magic circuit of the trigger. In other words, When 南京炮网 the flywheel turns to the first half circle, the rune is inside the first circle, and when the flywheel turns to the other half circle, the rune connects to another circle, so that the piston is pushed away from the repulsive circle. During the whole process, the first repulsive force circle is working until the piston r


ched by him, silently ate another piece of pizza. The
next day, at four o’clock in the morning.
It was not dawn yet, so Su Feng naturally could not see the Philadelphia sun.
Looking at the empty basketball court, Su Feng sighed secretly.
“It seems that you still have to use a small horn.”
Just as Su Feng was preparing to act, suddenly a basketball slammed at him.
“You are really a lunatic.”
Although it was not cold in Philadelphia at the end of May, it was four o’clock in the morning after all, so Kobe, who was wearing a short coat and short sleeves, was still a little trembling
. Su Feng suddenly wanted to cry.
He is really Lei!
My plug-in, ah, my idol, he’s Lei!
“I can say ok first, I am 南京夜生活论坛 not here to accompany you one-on-one, and I won’t have that stupid one-on-one with you anymore. I think you should also be clear that you are not mine at all. At
just as Kobe explained to Su Feng why he was going to the appointment, suddenly, a sandwich was handed to his mouth.
this moment, Su Feng’s eyes express 南京品茶网 the meaning is very simple: hold back and eat first,
“I made it by myself. You must have not eaten breakfast yet. When you are full, we will come one-on-one.” As he said, Su Feng also handed Kobe a bottle of milk.
Although his parents have taught Kobe not to eat food from strangers, he
still ca n’t his stomach and gurgling,
“It tastes good, it’s you. Made it yourself?” Kobe said intently after a sandwich was eaten.
Su Feng handed Kobe two more sandwiches, “Of course I made it myself, don’t worry, there are many more.”
Kobe realized that Su Feng’s schoolbag was filled with a bag full of sandwiches
. Is it the legendary
As the so-called cannibalism is soft, take a short hand.
After eating breakfast, Kobe actually forgot that he came over this morning to make it clear to Su Feng, lest this guy keeps pestering 南京龙凤论坛 him,
“Come on, let’s go heads-up, we haven’t decided the outcome yet!” Kobe, Su Feng felt as excited as watching bund