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t, then you can also seal a fart and promote some strong people at will.

Even if the Spirit of Heaven and Earth did it, it probably paid a lot of money.
Is this betting on yourself?
“Excellent people, they are really dazzling everywhere!”
Su Yu suddenly sighed. The blue sky was speechless. Looking at Su Yu, he was speechless. I always felt that I was worse than you. Shameless!
Not as thick as you!
At the moment, the two of them are much more relaxed. Su Yu smiled and said: “Don’t say, before, the strength was a little bit low, and I have been worried about it, but now suddenly I feel relaxed!”
Lantian said nothing.
Yes, you are relaxed, I am not relaxed!
He glanced at Su Yu, a little gloomy, and sullenly said: “My strength is weaker, and my willpower is also weaker. Is there a way to 南京龙凤论坛make me stronger as well as normal? Don’t give me an abnormal improvement. !”
For example, blending into the future!
“It’s actually good
to fight poison with poison !” Su Yu still suggested that he melt into the body, how good, you are the poison, maybe it will mess up the spirit of heaven and earth.
Wasn’t that the case the last time I dealt with the sky?
Lantian was speechless again, and said dullly: “Last time I dealt with the sky, the strength of the sky was not strong, about 30. At most, I am not as good as her, but her will is just like that.”
Even so, I almost got myself in.
This is still the sky. Once he encounters the spirit of the long river of time, he can’t imagine, the gap is too big.
“Isn’t there still me?”
Su Yu smiled and said, “What are you afraid of, Lao Lan, you are not afraid that I am still calm, if you are so afraid, I am not calm anymore! I believe you, no problem!”
You shut up!
Blue sky is a little crazy!
Do you treat me like you?
You are throwing the wiping off to me now. Of course you are not afraid. What use do you believe me?南京桑拿论坛
He thought for a while and said: “In this way, I must use heaven and earth to replenish my body and my willpo

, Su Yu became more bold.

If you are not hungry, you don’t know what suffering is.
Take a look, last time you hungry 南京品茶网 people, the Heaven-level exercises came out. If you hungry for a few more days, maybe they still have something good.
It’s all cheap leather!
If it weren’t for the fight, three times a day, Su Yu felt that he would surely be able to dig up good things.
Go downstairs.
Bai Feng, who sees the 南京419论坛 dragon and misses the end, actually eats in the living room!
Su Yu was a little overjoyed. He didn’t see him for many days, but he missed it a little.
While eating instant noodles, Bai Feng looked up at Su Yu, blinking his eyes, unshaven, and said strangely: “How do you feel that you are a little different?”
These four words appeared in Bai Feng’s mind.
This kid still looked a little impetuous before, but now it feels a little immaculate and unpretentious?
The appearance of these four words on Su Yu made him a little strange.
Su Yu laughed, and Bai Feng was in a daze. This kid is so beautiful to laugh!
Do you think you look good when you see a man in a seclusion for too long?
Damn it!
Do you want to go out and hook up with a beautiful girl?
Su Yu grinned and bared his teeth, “It’s 南京炮网 nothing different, it’s just that I have read a lot of books recently, and I am proud of poems and books! Maybe that’s the case!”
“Hey, kid, praise you, you are Boasting it!”
Bai Feng laughed, “You still have a poem and a poem, have you read a few books? Which researcher of a civilized institution reads more books than you? Your kid also installed it with me!” After all
, Bai Feng was shocked, his white robe was flying, and his beard was shaved instantly. He got up, shook his robe, and said lightly: “Teacher, I am, you are still a little tender!”
Su Yu was speechless, this also has to be argued?
“Teacher, clean up the noodles on your mouth”
Bai Feng was speechless, his temperament disappeared instantly.
Sit down and continue to eat, som

it was thrown out, the black hair on the boat quietly dispersed, and the cloud of shadow moved quickly toward the place where the bait was thrown.

“Saved?” The
man was holding the oars and was about to row to the shore. When he looked back, he saw a horrible scene that he would never forget.
At the bottom of the reservoir, something like black water plants floated up from under the water, swarming at the bait thrown out by him.
“This, so much” his
hands and feet were cold, and his body was shaking. The man never dared to look back anymore, holding the oars in both hands, and rowing towards the shore.
“Help me, help me!” The
underwater thing was attracted by the bait prepared by the fishing man, and temporarily let him go. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the man escaped.
He tried his best to row the boat back to the shore, and then rolled up to the shore.
Frightened, the fishing man was in cold sweat, sitting 南京夜生活论坛 far away from the river bank, panting.
“Have you seen the fish king?” Zhang Dapo was taken aback by the man’s reaction, and hurried to the fishing man’s side.
The man waved his hands frantically, his lips were blue and trembling, he couldn’t say a whole word.
“Say, what did you see? When you first arrived on the boat, didn’t you still say that you were holding a harpoon and saw the king of fish catch it? Why are you now?”
“There is no king of fish, just now It’s not the fish king underwater!” The fishing man’s voice was intermittent, mixed with his own gasps.
“It’s not the fish king? What is that?”
“People! It’s a person!” The fishing man yelled frantically, emotionally unstable.
While he was communicating with Zhang Dapo, Chen Ge turned on the light on his mobile phone and shone it at the boat.
The special luminous float rolled down on the corner of the boat. This float was much larger than the ones on the market. Chen Ge took a few steps forward with curiosity.
He saw something black resembling hair 南京龙凤网 remaining in the stern of the boat.
Chen Ge was very

on the ground. The flag was painted with twisted emblems of storms and lightning.

Owen looked down at the banner and stepped forward-he and the sailors stepped on the steps, through the open main entrance of the hall, and came to the empty assembly hall. Finally, he stopped in front of the deepest wall of the assembly hall. It came down, and there were only two empty hooks on this wall, and some moss growing along the wall.
The earl looked up for a while, lowered his head and fumbled in his arms. Soon, he took out a neatly folded piece of cloth from his arms and carefully unfolded it.
It was a very old, even old to faded flag, but because the fabric was mixed with magic thread and has been carefully kept, it was still intact after 700 years. On the solemn black background, the shield Although the color of the emblem with the crown is dim, it is still clearly visible.
After a closer look, the earl raised his hand and solemnly re-hanged the 南京桑拿论坛 Typhon flag in the town hall of Thassos.
Then he untied another thing from his waist-it was a saber passed down from generation to generation in his family.
The hilt of the sabre is engraved with a light golden harpoon pattern, which is the coat of arms given to the first Earl of Dyson by the founding king of Typhon 700 years ago. This sword represents the inheritance of the Dyson family. It also represents the glory of the first generation of builders in Thassos.
Swords and flags, these are the things that the ancestors of the family took away from Thassos when they evacuated from Thassos-the ancestor did not leave any last words to bring these things back to Thassos, because he was here. The organization was buried in the sea during the second evacuation, but after that, the relics left by the ancestors became the long-term 南京桑拿会所 responsibility of the descendants of Dyson.
After placing the saber under the flag, Earl Owen finally breathed a sigh of relief. He returned to the sailors, turned around, and watched the sword and flag on the wall quietly with

er over there, like a long black line on the horizon.

A huge sense of depression forced everyone. Luo Lan followed Qing Lao San’s gaze. They didn’t know that the entire Central Plains was already in the hands of artificial intelligence. At this moment, seeing this scene, they only felt that the sky was about to collapse. 南京炮网 .
Qing Lao San murmured: “Big Brother, how many Central Plains do you think this artificial intelligence controls?”
Luo Lan thought for a while: “A quarter? Half?”
In fact, Luo Lan and Qing Lao San knew it, they guessed it. It is missing, but the answer that is closest to the truth is a bit afraid to guess because it is too cruel.
“Time is running out. If these people surround us, you and I won’t fly back to the southwest even with wings,” Qing Lao San said.
Seeing that black line was getting closer and closer, Qing Lao San even vaguely saw the figure of Wang’s armored car, the crowd was mixed with Wang’s troops!
Moving on,
but at this moment, the door of the factory building burst open, and a red dragon came out of the huge smoke and dust, and it only took a moment to suck up the thousands of enemies surrounded by the factory.
The horror of the destructive power of this blue dragon is extremely rare in the entire transcendent world.
Although Zhou Qi is not as talented as Li Shentan and Chen Wudi, he is the first group of transcendents to awaken, and he is only one step away from the 南京龙凤论坛 level of a demigod.
However, Zhou Qi is now at the end of the battle. He squeezed the last bit of potential in his body, and completed the final bloom of extraordinary abilities at the cost of his life.
Seeing that something was wrong, Luo Lan immediately rushed towards the muddy sandfield, only to see Zhou Qi had fallen to the side of the drilling platform with blood overflowing from the corners of his eyes and nostrils.
Luo Lan pressed her finger on Zhou Qi’s carotid artery, and the beating of vitality was rapidly declining at a sensible speed.
As if he felt Luo Lan’s bre

n the southern part of the Central Plains.

However, the Zhou family rejected Wang’s proposal and told the media that Wang should not take advantage of this crisis. This is the common enemy of 南京水磨会所 mankind. If it really looks like assistance, we don’t need to send troops. My Zhou’s army is enough. You just need to deliver some supplies.
Ren Xiaosu is happy. The two consortia actually tore up in the newspaper. It seems that the Zhou family thought that the Wang family sent troops to be 南京炮网 unkind. After all, no one would allow other people’s troops to walk on their own territory. , The ghost knows what the other party is playing.
When the newspaper turned to the second page, it was more dry. I hope the media will explain the course of the war in detail, but it is mainly from the perspective of reporters, and interviews with Zhou’s senior officials afterwards as a supplement.
It even focused on the experiment’s strategy, which shocked all those who thought the experiment was just a group of beasts.
High-latitude civilizations have always overlooked low-latitude civilizations. In the eyes of many consortia, the experimental subjects are nothing but barbaric beasts, which can only disappear in front of thermal weapons. Now, the experimental subjects may refresh their knowledge.
In the third edition, the three reporters 南京桑拿论坛 who hoped that the media stationed on the 74th barrier actually used their cameras to capture many moments of battle. For example, the knights and the tinder drove and killed the experimental body on the city wall. Those who were re-elected Xiaosu did not watch. The scene of Qing was captured by the reporter with extremely expensive lens.
Among them, I hope that the media has given great affirmation to the Tinder company, praised the other party’s behavior of letting go of their positions to fight the enemy together, and said that new members of the Tinder company have joined the reinforcements in the 73rd barrier.
In everyone’s impression, this is probably the first time that

ally dumbfounded at the moment.

The next moment the battle broke out, the guillotine dragon pulled its tail, and with a bang, it broke the two-tailed dragon to pieces, and was overjoyed: “All look good!”
I was scared to death!
Seeing that the breath is strong, it is actually not enough to fight!
“Can’t a two-tailed dragon work? Then three tails, four tails”
Su Yu counted all the way, following his words, in the blink of an eye, thousands of giant dragons were born in the world, and the last dragon was all tails. shudder!
And the guillotine, constantly killing those giant dragons, but killing more and more!
At this moment, the Eight Winged Tiger roared: “Don’t kill, go out! If you don’t get out of this world, you can’t kill it. He is the Sky Opener, and this place is within his domain. Run!”
Don’t run out, Su Yu can make countless tigers and giant dragons,南京龙凤论坛 what a fart!
“I said, tigers are not enough, come out!” In an
instant, countless tigers appeared near the eight-winged tiger.
Until this moment, Su Yu emerged from the void, with a faint smile: “Is it fun?”
“How about finding a partner for the two and matching a seed?” The
two strong men were dull and slammed into the surrounding barriers frantically.
Su Yu shook his head: “Why! You are strong, but you can’t use brute force!” As
soon as he finished speaking, suddenly, the Eight Winged Tiger spit out a sharp sword, snorted, and pierced the barrier between Yin and Yang. In an instant, he escaped. Get out!
Su Yu was startled and smiled, “Awesome! Tiger who can play flying swords, you can do it!” The
Eight Winged Tiger didn’t look back, ignoring the Chaos Dragon!
Chaos Dragon helps to delay for a while!
Su Yu is getting more 南京桑拿论坛 terrible!
He was thinking, and suddenly, Su Yu’s laughter sounded in his ears: “You run out, it’s no fun, do you know?”
The Eight Winged Tiger had not had time to react. A punch with a punching bag made him dizzy, his skin was broken, and his teeth were broken with a
bang. Su Yu kic

‘t you say that you are a human?” Well

, this is obvious after coming back, and you are holding grudges again!
Su Yu laughed dryly: “That’s what happened before.”
“Say, what are the benefits!”
Su Yu helplessly, what are the benefits?
How hurt and kind!
After thinking about it, Su 南京夜生活论坛 Yu smiled and said, “Why don’t I call grandpa?”
What he is, seeing Su Yu’s shamelessness to the extreme, the Lord of the dead is also helpless.
What is good or bad, when he reaches his point, he doesn’t actually care.
I didn’t expect that this grandson could be so shameless!
The Necromancer was speechless. He said after a long while: “I can help you guard against the gates, but I can’t control the gates!”
Su Yu nodded, “I know this, just prevent the gates from doing anything! The strength of the predecessors , Even if all the gates of the earth are recovered, it can be a battle.”
Then, Su Yu asked: “Senior has reached the 39th road?”
As the Necromancer said, he slightly raised his eyebrows and said: “At my level, the background of these years has also been exhausted. Of course, I have not reached the limit. Now, I lack 南京龙凤论坛 the power of the life path! I can’t achieve complete life and death. Balance rotation!”
Su Yu thought about it: “The power conversion taught by Wang Dayi”
“That efficiency is too slow!” The
Necromancer didn’t think it was slow before, but now compared to Su Yu, he suddenly 南京419论坛 felt that it was too slow!
The Necromancer continued: “It’s best to kill some super-classes and make up for me! Super-class vitality is very strong! It is better to deprive vitality directly! You enter the gate of the earth this time, there is super-class in the gate, then Give me some kills and come back, and I will see if I can make the 40th path!”
He said solemnly, “All the heavenly gates have recovered, I am afraid it is stronger than I am now, and the ground gate is the same! The ground gate may be stronger than the heavenly gate.”
Su Yu understood the situation and nodded: “I look at the

he necklace is running out. I’ll help you recharge it later.” “

Well, Cheng Ling, you have a reason.” “Qiao Muyi pushed Ren Suo away, standing at the dinner table and asked: “Then why did you suddenly send Ren Suo away last night?” ”
Dong Chengling raised an eyebrow and asked: “Otherwise?” 15 minutes of meeting is enough, right? He only talked to me for 5 minutes last night, and I took him back in 15 minutes. It was already based on the friendship between me and you. 南京夜生活论坛 ”
Gu Yueyan also looked at Qiao Muyi: “I am 8 minutes. ”
Ren Xing said with a loud voice: “I only have 1 minute!” “It
‘s my business, don’t you blame other diners for their appetite if you eat less at the buffet?” “Qiao Muyi is not false at all, and then said: “Well, even if you don’t mention this, what happened to you that night after Ren Suo came back?” ”
Gu Yueyan looked at Dong Chengling: “Teacher Dong, was Mr. Suo with you at the end that night?” ”
Ren Xingmei also looked at Dong Chengling: “Teacher Dong, did you get the first drop of blood?” ”
Dong Chengling still looks calm: “No matter what you imagine, everything that should have happened has happened, and everything you think is right. ”
” What! ? ”
“Cheng Ling, I will give you another chance to organize language –”
Ren Suo interjected in a low voice, “That”
“Shut up!” “”To shut up! “”To shut up! “”To shut up!南京龙凤论坛 ”
The four girls yelled at him together, and Ren Suo suddenly persuaded.
And next to him, he was holding a bowl of Lin Xian fish, which was full of vegetables and almost topped with rice. While eating and 南京桑拿会所eating meat, he was feeding black cats with cat rice, watching the volcanic eruption and sky thunder in the living room. The scene of the fire and the anger of people and gods, the index finger was violently moved, the appetite was swollen, and I was eating with relish, and even wanted to have another bowl!
Get up and fight!
Brother Ren, I also teach you a truth, that is, how long has it been romantic and how long it has fallen.

, Betty ran into the study, and the little maid bowed to the end: “Master! Someone is looking for you! She said her name is”

“Invite her to come in,” Gawain interrupted Betty, “Also, go to prepare refreshments and send it to the study.”
“Ah! Okay!”
Gawain sorted out the papers on the desk, and after a few minutes, he was there. Hear footsteps coming from the direction of the corridor.
The door of the study room opened, and a young lady wearing a purple dress with a lavender veil on her face, with a covenant and mysterious figure, walked into the room under the leadership of the maid Betty – it was from the Mithril Treasury. Miss senior agent.
Betty temporarily retreated 南京419论坛 after bringing the guest to the study. Gawain glanced at Melita. He didn’t show any strange expression, but just nodded plainly: “Long time no see, Miss Agent.”
” Long time.” No, Duke Cecil,” Melita also nodded 南京炮网 slightly, and then came to Gawain’s desk a little unsteadily. “This city is really changing every day. It’s amazing.”
Gawain: ” ”
Although this Miss My little pony has tried to maintain a steady and dignified posture, Gawain can still see at a glance that the other party’s leg seems to be injured!
“What’s wrong with your legs?!”
“There are always accidents in life,” the lady agent said calmly, but I don’t know if it was an illusion, Gao Wen saw a faint irritation from the other side’s eyes, “A little bit does not affect It’s just a small injury at work.”
Gao Wen is of course very curious about why a senior agent of the Mithril Treasury was injured-and this agent is almost always a high-level extraordinary person, but he did not rashly ask others about their privacy. Habit, so I just pointed to the seat next to him: “Then sit 南京品茶网 down and talk–if I knew you were injured, I won’t call you today.”
“Mithril Treasury, reputation first, We have never given the slightest discount on customer service. This has always been the case for thousands of years,” the lady agent sat down in her chair, and then continued se