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happy to see his apprentice bring gifts to him. After all, this was the apprentice’s heart.
Chapter 530: A Thousand Miles Chasing Your Husband (Repair)
“Okay, let go, don’t bother to clean up for the teacher.” The old way began to rush people.
“I think you obviously want to take a nap.” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
“Midnight sleep, health regimen, “Heyin” and “Heyang”, I still want to live to be 100 years old, so I must pay attention to health care, you, stay up late in the future, staying up late is the easiest for kidney deficiency, know, don’t fight Come chaos when you’re young.” The old Tao taught another sentence.
Jiang Hao smiled, “Master, I am in good health, and I also have spiritual protection. How could it be possible that the kidney is weak? 南京桑拿会所 You don’t know that the young people outside are all cultivating immortals. When nothing is wrong, chase novels. Watch vibrato, sing K, drink alcohol, play it until two or three o’clock before going to bed.”
Old Dao snorted, “Then you didn’t ask them if they were all irritable and irritable, lack of concentration, weak kidneys, and weakened kidneys. , Even women don’t want to think about it anymore, huh, the way to die, the chaos and chaos of the day, what quality can it have.”
“Okay, okay, don’t get entangled with me, hurry and go.” The old Tao finished. Lie down again, propped his head with his hands, and fell asleep again.
Jiang Hao gave a slight salute and slowly exited the room. Although he was amused by the old way, he really respected this master.
Going back to my small yard, the yard is about 20 square meters, with flowers 南京桑拿论坛 and plants on both sides, and a thick plum tree beside it. I don’t know which owner of the small courtyard planted, and now it has grown to the thickness of thighs.
The house is not big, just one living room and one bedroom. The living room is equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, tea sets, and even a TV. It is 南京龙凤网 more modern, and the house is much simpler. There is only one cabinet and one soil