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tion, he immediately rushed back to the corridor with the gun.

“Bang, bang, bang!”
Gunshots continued throughout the building.
Zhou Huabiao grabbed the walkie-talkie and looked very nervous, while the gunshots 南京桑拿论坛 showed obvious movement, penetrating the police blockade points one by one, and finally reached the rooftop position.
“The target has been injured!”
“Hit the target!”
“The target flees to the eighth point”
Zhou Huabiao took a deep breath and waited for the next report.
The killer “O” hugged his arms and climbed to the rooftop gate with a look of embarrassment.
“Huh!” A young police officer appeared with a gun, with a cold expression on his gun and aiming, Wow! “O” is faster than him!
“Crack!” But when “O” pulled the trigger, there was a hollow sound from the pistol.
“Bang!” The young police officer pulled the trigger and shot the target decisively.
Then the young police officer stepped forward to pick up the “O” gun and unloaded the magazine, only to find that there was a bullet in it, which turned out to be a top killer who 南京龙凤论坛 was pitted by a local arms dealer.
The young police officer’s face was slightly surprised, but his eyes didn’t make much ripples. He just stood beside the corpse and pressed the headset and said: “Report sir! Group E killed the target! At the eighth position!”
“Huh!” Zhou Huabiao exhaled deeply. , Smiled and said: “What is your name?”
“Criminal Intelligence Officer Liu Jianming!” The young police officer replied aloud.
Group E is indeed a team composed of the Intelligence Section, responsible for handling the roof exits of public housing estates. The team is an intelligence section inspector and has no reputation.
And the Intelligence Section is not a professional action group. The place where it stands out is to provide operations, and the formation is only to supplement the police force… Originally everyone thought that the Intelligence Section would be mediocre, and it was unexpected that it would be so dazzling.
He Qiqing looked sati

like Qiao Xiu can’t distinguish two dwarves with the same beard color, or goblins.

Humans can’t distinguish the difference between sin karma and demon. In the eyes of fans of beauty and devil, all sin karma demon may be the elegant and gentle big cat prince.
“Sin Karma Devil is welcomed by Nolan”
If the previous Qiao Xiu’s experience in Nolan can be attributed to the category of shock, this sentence of Qiao Xiu makes Se Xili feel a bit incomprehensible that the
Sin Karma Demon sells 南京炮网 relative to humans. It’s not very friendly, it looks like the Chaos Demon has an appearance similar to that of humans.
“Uh there are many details that need explanation, through the newsletter unable to inform me, my sister, you if you have time to travel Nolan, that time I will show you a new Nolan, in terms of the devil.”
See Qiao Xiu responded with this, and the finger that Circe touched on the mirrored keyboard suddenly retracted like an electric shock.
She hesitated at this moment, she didn’t know how to answer Qiao Xiu.
There are many names for the city of Nolan, the capital of magic, the crystallization of human civilization, and the most prosperous city in the world.
Circe had longed for Nolan, because Nolan’s magical mechanical technology was enough to fascinate any power holder of the country. As long as he mastered these technologies, he could make all aspects of his country develop at a double speed.
In this respect, the Demon Realm can be said to be sighing backward. The entire Demon Realm has mastered some of the magical mechanical technology. Except for her 南京品茶网 subordinate, the demon with the appearance of a young female named Prophet, only hers. The younger brother Qiao Xiu is studying this knowledge.
If Nolan is really able to initially accept the devil as her brother said.
Circe pressed her fingertips on the mirrored keyboard again, and began to edit word by word.
“I have to manage the King City and cannot leave for the Demon Realm, but Qiao Xiu, I am going to send an envoy.” After Se

so hated Kim Sungju’s betrayal. He also knew that once this person rebelled, the entire Goguryeo would fall into chaos if he did not eliminate it in the future. .

Collected the soldiers of several tribes, a total of more than 20,000 people, after preparing enough food and grass, they sent their troops directly to Bucheon. Pingcheng is about 500 miles away from Bucheon, and is separated by rolling hills and mountains. Jinshengzhou is not a straw bale. It has been prepared for early. He even set aside spies in Pingcheng. After learning that King Goguryeo had assembled his army, he immediately reacted, gathering all the combatable soldiers of his tribe and pressing them to the front line of the mountains.
There are only a few roads from Pingcheng to Bucheon. On these roads, Jinshengzhou has long built a walled city, each of which can be used for two thousand troops. The high mountains 南京龙凤网 here are steep and the roads are difficult. There is no big battle formation at all. I want to pass. In mountainous areas, these stockades must be pulled out.
King Goguryeo brought a few tribe leaders over and looked at the walled city built with stones in front of him. King Goguryeo ordered: “Each unit will send out 500 soldiers to launch the first round of offensive.”
Three thousand soldiers were gathered . , With different clothes and different outfits, these people are holding swords, guns and axe, carrying the siege ladder, and roaring towards the walled city.
Standing at the head of the city, Jin Shengzhou looked at King Goguryeo and several tribal leaders in the distance, and said coldly: “If you want to break through my walled city, how easy is it. Prepare your bow and arrow and start shooting near 100 steps.
” Come on!” 南京水磨会所
Goguryeo soldiers rushed 南京龙凤论坛 quickly, but after running to the city, what awaited them was a dense rain of arrows. Although many people raised their s


htly hesitant voice came from the golden dome, “Of course, I am not worried about their health. They Looks very healthy-I am worried about the reason behind this change.”
“The reason behind?” Gawain said subconsciously, “Isn’t it because the environment of Tarrond was full of chaos after the war? What’s the magic, ”
” On the contrary, only pure, close to the origin of magic to stimulate it may lead to the mutation of two young dragon body, “Enya spoke and said they do not finish high culture, chaos magic” after the war can The environment can’t create this kind of “magic imprint” of affinity.”
Gao Wen heard a strange meaning from Enya’s tone, and his expression became serious: “Only magical stimulation 南京桑拿论坛 that is purely close to the source can cause it. This kind of mutation? Do you mean”
“In my memory, only a similar thing happened in very, very old ages. It was nearly two million years ago, long before the sailors visited this planet, in the giant In the age when the dragon was still one of the many ordinary races on this planet,” Enya’s voice fell low, and a young dragon hung its hands, feet and wings on her eggshell together, and was swept gently by her invisible magic. Then, “At that time, the dragon clan was still relying on primitive methods to preserve and hatch dragon eggs. For a while, many young dragons similar to these two little guys appeared in the northern region.”
Gawain frowned, glanced at Merita subconsciously, and then turned to look at Enya: “What happened at that time?”
“Nothing happened at the time-but shortly after that, we found that it penetrated through this A large-scale surge occurred in the planet’s “dark blue network”, and pure magic power flowed and dissipated between various realms, and after that it had a profound impact on the global climate, the magic power of the world The rise and extreme climate change 南京龙凤论坛 lasted for a full ten years.” During the
incubation period, Gawain’s expression became extremely serious, and after a few seconds of


are!? You can’t break free from my bondage, you are just a four-turn No, the
ranks of the ranks are only 39 ordinary monks! Don’t think you are so amazing to win against Gu Yuexuan and Zhao Huo, I let them blow them both with both hands and legs.” “The army of monks in Xuan Country, There is the Great Wall of China, the Federation has the Watchers, the European Union has the Wizarding Council, and the cherry blossoms have the Hall of Souls. I don’t know if you don’t save Luna, there will be serious consequences, but no matter how terrifying the disaster, the sky will not 南京夜生活论坛 fall. , There is the strong against it, and I against it!”
“What risk do you take? What hero do you play? What do you pretend to be? Do you still think you can save the world from the second disease?”
“You don’t owe anything Human, you don’t owe the world either.”
“You can’t save everyone, and you’re just a person who will die and become a corpse.”
Qiao Muyi grabbed Ren Suo by the collar and pulled him in front of him, voice The soft cotton candy is like a large mass of icing sugar directly on Ren Suo’s face, and it is like a silent drizzle of moisturizing things that invades Ren Suo’s heart: “Why do you always do such dangerous things?”
“You I’m sorry, it’s you.”
Ren Suo was stared at by Qiao Muyi’s sullen, aggrieved and worried eyes, and he couldn’t speak for a while.
Unlike Lin Xianyu’s question of “Who would you choose to save”南京桑拿论坛, Qiao Muyi’s question of “Will you sacrifice your life to save people?” Ren Suo had already given the answer with action.
And Qiao Muyi was right that Ren Suo’s journey to save Luna was indeed a life full of danger.
That is not the main storyline he has woven through countless saves in the game, but a fan that has him as the protagonist but has never played.
Ren Suo rushed to the journey purely based on his trust in the small world game console, but in case the “Miracle Full Moon” did not give him a suitable miracle, in case he used the miracle indiscriminately and used up hi


ought too many things. There were four or five suitcases. Finally, she found a car to take all these things home.
It was already around 8 o’clock in the evening when they returned home. After the two of them had taken a shower, Ma Xiaoling came out and came to the photo of Granny Dana and took out three incense from the side.
Going up, the incense burns spontaneously.
Putting three incense sticks into the 南京419论坛 incense burner, Ma Xiaoling smiled and said, “Auntie, I made a lot of money when I went to Japan this time. This is enough to spend. Even if I don’t make money in the future, this money is enough to provide for the elderly.”
Brush~ ~!
A phantom came out of the photo, and Madonna kindly looked at Ma Xiaoling,
“Xiaoling has made money. It’s good to make money. Then remember to burn more beautiful clothes for her aunt. And these tributes are all plastic, so you can’t eat them at all. What a fool, give me something delicious, okay, Xiaoling?”
Ma Xiaoling was very happy this time, ” Okay , this time I can meet my aunt’s request, burn you the most beautiful clothes, and buy you another one. Suckling pig.”
“Okay, okay~~!” Madonna clapped her hands happily.
After talking with her aunt, Ma Xiaoling was wearing pajamas and pajamas, 南京品茶网 lying cross-legged on the sofa, and picked up the phone to call Zhenzhen.
“Zhenzhen, I came back from Japan and brought gifts for you and auntie.”
Ma Xiaoling put the phone in her neck, holding a file for manicure, lying on the sofa and talking on the phone with Zhenzhen.
Ma Xiaoling always looks tough to outsiders, but she always 南京龙凤网 looks amiable when facing Zhenzhen, as if she is very happy to see her.
“Ah, you are back, is everything going well?” Zhenzhen asked.
“Very smoothly, there is still a lot of time to go shopping, it is a loss for you not to follow.” Ma Xiaoling said with a smile.
“Then what gift
did you buy for me?” “I won’t tell you first, I need to leave a sense of mystery and expectation.” Ma Xiaoling said playfully.
Zhenzhen thought