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cularly ugly and mottled.

Quietly among the barriers, the entire No. 176 barrier has been under total martial law since the Wang clan took over here. This is especially true recently. The residents of the city feel that there may be another battle here, but they have no way of knowing this battle. Who is going to fight with.
Some people have heard that the people who came this time are no longer prairie people, but they don’t understand, aren’t there only prairie people in the north?
At this time, dozens of searchlights stood above the city wall, and the huge and dazzling beam of light pointed to the north like a sharp sword.
This feeling is like an omen that a crisis will come at any time.
All the trees within ten kilometers to the north have been cut down, so that 南京水磨会所 the searchlight has a wider view. The fallen trees are all carried into the barrier and become new fortifications.
Beside the searchlight, there are black and cold heavy machine guns and howitzers, as well as soldiers with live ammunition. Everyone is tensed, for fear of missing any details.
Commander Wang stood at the 南京夜生活论坛 top of the city wall with a cold face. Even with thick black leather gloves in the early spring night, he could hardly stop the chill.
The adjutant breathed a white breath from the side, and he was puzzled: “Sir, we obviously should abandon Barrier No. 176 at this time and build a line of defense with the mountains behind us, not in the barrier. What if the opponent has heavy weapons. , Then we can become bright targets.” In
modern warfare, city walls have become a very tasteless thing, and defense lines built without relying on the complex terrain in the mountains are more effective.
The commander said: “Our scouts did not find the enemy’s heavy thermal weapons. Now it seems that the fortified wall is somewhat useful, and we have no time to stop the hundreds of thousands of residents in the fort from retreating.”
” Let’s 南京龙凤网 take care of these people. Well,” the adjutant sighed: “This is not our barrier be

ing of the Goddess Cassette is actually through long-term equipment and use, the cassette stars will gradually increase, and it also means that the Goddess can control the corresponding power.

After all, the gods, like the commoners, belong to the kittens sterilized by the maharaja, and they can’t practice. To control more powerful forces, they must adapt through a long period of time.
However, Loth’s now perfect version of the two-star goddess, “Blind Fool”‘s 南京水磨会所 “attack causes confusion in thinking” effect is matched with any high-speed melee cassette, and the lethality is almost invincible of the same level!
As long as Akasha is not a Samsung, he will die!
Confirming that Akasha does not belong to the tristar goddess, Ren Suo immediately chooses the action card: “Arrange the area of ??violence”!
Suddenly a field of violence appeared on the battlefield. Everyone was surprised and found that Dia of Morag and Aksha of Azura were fighting!
“Is that guy stupid? God child can be equipped with two cassettes, 1.5 times the enhancement, how can he be able to fight?”
“Also put down the field of violence, he can’t escape this time.”
“Haha, Dia You have today too, waiting to be tortured to death by Akasha!”
But soon, everyone was stunned: Akasha was beaten so badly and even at a disadvantage! 南京龙凤论坛
“There is another big villain in Morag” someone shouted, “Where are Azura’s people? Come and help your god son to explode the field of violence!” 南京桑拿会所
Azura’s people are not dead, and there are two protections. Akasha’s guardian of the goddess has been attacking the field of violence. It’s just that Akasha went down too fast, and Loth fought back too fast, and they didn’t think that’Dia’ could pose a threat to Akasha, so they were a step slower.
However, when Akatha tried to dodge and escape, Lose chased, and the hand of steel directly penetrated Akatha’s psionic barrier and penetrated the back of her head!
The fierce battlefield stopped instantly.
“The Son of God is dead!”
Even Ren Suo could gu

ly opened, he is not worried that other tourists will see it.

After entering the underground scene, the middle-aged man trembled slightly. It should be the first time for him to come to a place like a haunted house. He looked nervous.
His daughter behaved a little stranger, her eyes widened, if it weren’t for the man to hold her hand, she would have gone somewhere.
“Which scene do you want to 南京桑拿会所 visit?” Chen Ge let them choose, which is also a kind of test.
The man opened his mouth and made a whining sound in his throat. He seemed to be asking his daughter.
The girl looks cute when she looks more, but the more she looks like this, the more regrettable it will be. It is probably due to heredity. This child also has a defect in intelligence.
The little girl didn’t know where to go, she gave Chen Ge a timid look.
“Then let’s visit the scenes one by one. Before the opening of the park, I will take you around for a better time.” Chen Ge walked in front, leading the father and daughter into the scene of Muyang Middle School.
In the gloomy corridor, gusts of gloomy wind blew from time to time, and blank test papers fluttered on the ground, making a crippling sound, as if a hand gently stroking the heart.
The classroom doors 南京桑拿论坛 on both sides were ajar, and the old tables and chairs piled up randomly. Soon the three of them came to the door of the last classroom.
Without any psychological preparation, faces were squeezed by the window, and the classroom was full of “people”.
The middle-aged man obviously didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He twitched and fell backward.
Chen Ge, who had been paying attention to the situation around him, quickly reached out to support the middle-aged man. He still underestimated the horror of his haunted house, especially for someone who had never entered a haunted house.
“Be careful.” The
man’s performance made Chen Ge rule out the possibility that he was a special tourist. Next, Chen Ge focused on the little girl.
When the middle-aged man was almost

d to handover or run-in. This soldier can immediately become the most qualified screw on this war machine.

After the firepower was covered, the position of the Qing’s 152mm howitzer was already exposed in the air. Fortunately, the Qing’s troops were not stupid. The artillery was protected by layers behind the defense line, no matter how accurate the opponent’s mortars were. , It is impossible to affect these artillery.
Artillery with a longer range cannot be transported by 南京桑拿论坛 artificial intelligence.
The Southwest Forest, as a natural barrier, actually restricted Zero’s performance, but it also abolished Qing’s military system. Compared with their peak combat effectiveness, both sides seemed to be 南京419论坛 fighting with one arm tied.
The war continued, Qingyi sent people to submit the frontline combat report to Qingzhen.
At this moment, Luo Lan was flipping through the piece that he had just sent. He sat next to Qing Zhen and said in confusion: “It’s strange, it clearly has the strength to push the Sanshan defense line, why should it fight like this? Normally, it’s OK. It’s a commander who loves the people as a child. It doesn’t fit this kind of character.”
Qingzhen said, “I guess it has a high level of support for these human-based servers. The degree of dependence on the server, so it does not hope that its own server will have too many casualties, which will affect its ability to operate. On the other hand, it may want to defeat Qing on the battlefield and use its command ability instead of the crowd Tactics.”
Qing Zhen and Luo 南京龙凤网 Lan knew how many people there were in the southwest forest. The terrifying crowd only needed a wave to slap over, and the Sanshan Defense Line would probably be gone, but Zero did not do so.
Luo Lan was even more puzzled: “Does it have any meaning to defeat Qing directly?”
“It may be the competitive spirit of artificial intelligence, or it may be Wang Shengzhi’s last wish? Who knows, it doesn’t matter,” Qing Zhen shook his head and said.
“How long do you thi

t Wen Yu at all.

There is still a gap between 34 channels and 36 channels.
On Wen Yu’s side, there is a gap between him, and he dare not take the initiative to start a war, so just ignore Wen Yu!
But at this moment, a touch of flame emerged in Wen Yu’s hand. 南京419论坛
Burning the flames of heaven and earth.
The flame of the power of all ways!
Just when all of them were looking over there, nobody really cared about Wen Yu!
Su Yu’s movement is really too big, so big that at this moment, the heavens only 南京龙凤论坛 have Su Yu’s voice!
Wen Yu had to feel that Su Yu would pick someone, he said, he chose Jitian, this guy likes to be smart, he will do his best to defend, he will always think of people, he must not dare to act rashly, he is all in Su Yu Under control!
Su Yu, it’s really scary!
And at this moment when Su Yu shot, Wen Yu moved. At this moment, Wen Yu absorbed more than 90% of the power in Su Yu’s world. Su Yu is actually just a look at this moment!
Frighten Jitian!
Ninety percent of the power of a 36 Taoist monk, plus all of her Wen Yu’s strength, plus the 50 percent power of Big Brother Tiandi,
her and Su Yu, heaven and earth can be integrated.
At this moment, Wen Yu’s strength suddenly skyrocketed!
No one cares about Wen Yu, even if they care, they should care about the sky, care about the Lord of the dead, care about the emperor! 南京桑拿论坛
But Wen Yu, who no one cares about, has taken a shot at this moment!
With one blow, the world is suppressed, and the flames burn the sky!
A loud noise overwhelmed Su Yu in an instant.
Sora felt it, and subconsciously resisted it. He who is 36 Dao, would he still be afraid of Wen Yu?
Wen Yu is crazy!
I’m still afraid of you?
And at the moment of contact, Kong Ju’s eyes shrank crazily, with some shock, booming!
There was a loud noise!
The huge scream was directly snapped off by Wen Yu’s palm!
The flames burned the heavens and the earth, with a bang, and the flesh was burned to death. This flame was too powerful!
38 channe

bility, not a cut head, ” “

kill a vacated, not to have come back ! ”
Sun Director laughed, once again look to Su Yu,” you are very clever, of course, in my opinion was a little smarter, not great wisdom! of course, the great wisdom of this thing, even if I do not say that they have great wisdom, Little cleverness is enough, enough to make yourself live longer and more moisturized than others.”
“This is the end, you take your reward, we take our responsibility, Ming Academy is the first in the assessment, other rewards are based 南京炮网 on the standard, and Huang Sheng will reward you with 20 points of merit.”
Su Yu was a little bit disappointed. He felt that Huang Sheng In fact, I was tempted with the old man, and spent 20 points to settle this matter.
As a result, Chief Sun, who laughed before, was unwilling at this juncture.
Su Yu had no choice but to lose 60 points of merit in vain!
No, in addition to the previous loss, I lost 80 points of merit, so distressed!
Su Yu felt distressed, and Wu Lan at the back was heartbroken.
No one cares about her!
655 points, plus the current 180 points, 835 points of the first-class genius, standing here for a long time, almost crying, no one cares about her, I think she hasn’t seen her.
“I want to cry”
She wants to cry again, these people are too bad, no one can comfort her.
Chapter 59 Examination is over
. At the entrance of the examination room.
Both Su Yu and Wu Lan walked out with a look of loss.
The students who were still waiting outside were a little startled, how did these two take the exam?
Both of them failed the exam?
It’s not right. Both of them stayed till the end. When some of them came out, 南京水磨会所 these two had already gone so far. Why did they both look desperate?
Wu Lan took first place?
Why is that expression?
Su Yu first?
It’s not quite like it. Su Yu is languid, pale, with a frustrated expression. It seems that he has just lost several hundred million. How can he be the first?
The candidates were all dumbfounded.

can actually restore it. Just like last time, when it is used as a temporary eruption, the god race’s divine text will have to be crushed when it enters the sea of ??will!

It’s so weak, it’s just enough to help oneself accumulate divine texts.
“Anti”, this is the meaning of this divine text.
The meaning of counterattack!
This is also why Su Yu’s previous investigations had caused the black light to counterattack.
“The main function of this divine text is probably not to recognize 南京水磨会所 the master, but to rebound damage!”
Su Yu’s eyes lit up, and he had to say that the original owner of the ancient times was a person with ideas.
Rebound damage! 南京品茶网
Weapons and weapons will naturally come into contact with each other. Once they collide and merge into this divine text, those who fight against him will inevitably be bounced back by the formation in the weapon. I am afraid it is very powerful!
If it encounters weapons of the same tier, the opponent may suffer double damage.
“This divine text is a bit interesting!”
Su Yu observed it more, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t use it, but he could learn from the characteristics of this divine text.
In addition, he also wanted to see if there was much difference between the ancient divine writing and the modern divine writing.
He has also seen the divine writings of the Protoss.
In fact, in the human environment, Hong Tan laboratory has it.
Su Yu took a closer look, not to mention, this divine text that has been passed down 南京龙凤网 for countless years, not to mention the others, just the breath, there is a kind of ancient charm, and you can see that the age is long!
“This thing is really going to be restored, and it is also a powerful divine text!”
“It is difficult to use. First, it can be used to explode on the premise that it has a high degree of matching. Second, it may still open up a new secret. The secret realm of rebound?”
Su Yu shook his head. This divine text opens the secret realm. According to its characteristics, it feels meaningless.

kly: “It’s okay, you continue to cut the sea of ??will and create a clone. I will try to copy the clone for you. If it doesn’t work, then follow what you said, half true. !”

He is afraid that there are not enough clones!
In fact, the high probability is not enough. Up to now, there is no hope of success in clearing the road, and the 南京龙凤论坛 clone of Lantian has died seven or eight thousand!
In the rear, Su Yu also moved his eyes slightly: “This is feasible, the governor is responsible for increasing the number of clones! I am responsible for strengthening his clones and curing his clones!” After
that, Su Yu gave a low cry, and a divine text erupted. More!
The damaged clone of Blue Sky suddenly healed a little. Su Yu was overjoyed and almost forgot, we are civilized masters!
I know a lot of divine writing!
I will have a lot of great power!
Why do you have to die?
The Saint Wantian also copied the divine text and burst out. In an instant, a blue sky clone was added. This blue sky clone is as real, but the blue sky quickly frowned and said: “No, then, you don’t copy the whole person! My clone was injured. , You help me copy my arms and legs, so that I can 南京桑拿论坛 delay the injury and delay the explosion time!”
Saint Wantian nodded, in a good mood, in fact, Su Yu and Wantiansheng knew that drinking poison to quench thirst!
Because, the explosion of divine texts also consumed their strength.
It is difficult to stop the huge waves.
Now I have to help Lantian restore the power of the clone again, this will only make it more difficult for them.
But no one said this.
At least, we hope to see a little hope and a little chance of success!
This way is too difficult.
Restore, copy.
Wan Tian Sheng couldn’t hold it anymore, coughing up blood constantly.
Behind, the blue sky was smiling, and the time for his clone to explode was shortened, and the bloody avenue was getting longer and longer.
“Tiansheng, let’s go!”
He smiled, “Really, let’s go! I have said everything I shoul

Xiaosu realized that the tall buildings in the barrier seemed to be almost meaningless, after all, human civilization had regressed a lot after all.

Jiang Wu quietly looked at Yan Liuyuan as if dazzled, but she didn’t have the slightest funny thoughts in her heart, but felt that the life they took for granted was so strange to 南京龙凤网 the refugees.
“Brother, there are really a lot of plants in this barrier, there are planted on both sides of the road, wait, you see there is a large grassland over there,” 南京水磨会所 Yan Liuyuan exclaimed.
“That’s a park,” Jiang Wuwei Yan Liuyuan replied: “People in the barrier can take a walk here after dinner, and there will be aunts dancing here at night. In this era, tape recorders are relatively rare. Which aunt can have a music player. With tape recorders and tapes, then she will become the most dazzling person in the dance team.”
Yan Liuyuan nodded: “Brother, look at the father and daughter sitting on the lawn. They are feeding each other. It’s a scene of love, etc. Wait, why did they kiss?”
Jiang Wu said with a weird expression: “That’s not a father and daughter.”
At this moment, a strange-looking car was speeding by the truck, and the roar of the car’s engine was set off as it passed by. There was a lot of noise, and there was a middle-aged man with sparse hair sitting in the car.
Ren Xiaosu was curious 南京419论坛 about Jiang Wu and asked, “Why doesn’t this car have a roof?”
Jiang Wu thought about it and said, “This is called a convertible. It is a car that can only be driven by the rich in the barrier, and it is also a symbol of identity in the barrier. ”
Ren Xiaosu said with emotion: “It’s great to have money, even the hair is open top”
“” Jiang Wu was stunned for a while, because she just didn’t know how to answer the conversation!
At this moment, Ren Xiaosu finally understood that it is no wonder that there are stars like Luo Xinyu in the barrier, and the people in the barrier have a much happier life than them!
These people don’t have to face the beasts, or wal

his moment, Bai Feng’s face changed!

Looking at Liu Hong, his eyes could kill, he gritted his teeth, and hurriedly said: “If you win the first place, let’s say that first, go back and talk about it!”
Hanging up the phone, he looked at Liu Hong, his eyes could kill!
“What the
hell , Liu Hong, you want to die!” Liu Hong said silently, “What does it have to do with me! You sold it on the black market, and you were bought by someone from the Shan Shenwen department. You all know that it belongs to Elder Hong. Things, you sold your master’s things, and there are a lot of people you know now. It’s not my decision to give it out as a reward.”
Bai Feng gritted his teeth! 南京夜生活论坛
These bastards are really not a thing.
“Return things to me, or I can’t return them, Su Yu must take first place! If you can’t take it back, I’ll be with you!”
“Bai Feng, you are not making sense!”
Liu Hong smiled bitterly, “Su Yu can’t take it.” What does it have to do with me when it comes to number one? Besides, you have sold everything, and you are afraid that others will know?”
“Get out!”
Bai Feng cursed, can this be the same?
I sold it. It was a private matter. I knew only a few. Now I can use it as a reward. Everyone knows it!
Moreover, this is a face slap!
on purpose!
Bai Feng was a little dissatisfied, and snorted, “You are more and more petty, don’t you dislike it?”
As for the post itself, it’s really not a treasure.
It was made by dragon silk, but this thing has already been written once, and now there is no way to write the will again. It is very fragile and its value is greatly reduced.
If it is not for the name of Hong Tan, you can sell it for 20 or 30 points of merit, plus the name of Hong Tan, and the name of the will of the 南京桑拿会所 mountain and sea. The invalid will be worth a hundred points of merit, even if it is a lot. .
If this is not the case, it will not be given out as a reward for the new-born divine writing contest.
Mainly famous!
A hundred points of merit is not a smal