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wanted to make the dead head roll quickly, then nodded and said, “Well, brother, I have something to tell Teacher Bai.”

Ren Suo looked at them and thought that these two guys have something to do. What is something that is easy to discuss, and you will remember it when you meet, and you have to talk about it first?
Although Bai Ji had a deep bond with him, Ren Suo didn’t dare to be so relieved, so he said: “Yes, but I have to talk in the room.”
“No problem.” Bai Ji 南京炮网 made an OK gesture: “Then go to you. Talk in your bedroom.”
Ren Xingmei didn’t have any comments, so she followed Bai Ji to the master bedroom. But when passing by the guest room, she suddenly opened the guest room door and pulled Bai Ji in!
She didn’t want others to enter her brother’s bedroom!
“Just talk here, right?” After
entering and closing the door, Ren Xingmei’s voice just fell, and she found that the light in the guest room did not come from the moon, but from the flickering candlelight!
Dong Chengling sat upright on the chair with his hands on his thighs, with a cold expression; Qiao Muyi sat on the edge of the bed with Erlang’s legs tilted, his elbows on his knees, his palms on his chin, and his head tilted to look at them.
Suddenly seeing them, Bai Ji was also slightly startled. He looked at the two birthday cakes placed 南京龙凤论坛 on the table, and his face showed the expression of’it really is so’: “It turns out that everyone is the same.”
He had already faintly discovered that Dong Cheng Ling’s feelings for Ren Suo, Qiao Muyi’s 南京龙凤网 appearance really surprised him, but he was relieved soon-no wonder Qiao Muyi targeted him intentionally or unintentionally.
“Yes, Bai Ji.” Qiao Muyi smiled and said, “Is it very good at taking advantage of gender, and it is also known as “Remembering the days in the dormitory” to sleep on the same couch?”
Dong Chengling said lightly: “‘Not self-respect’, “Coquettish” Bai Ji, slandering others behind his back is not a good thing.”
Bai Ji smiled and said, “What are you talking about? On t

ang Hao to the main hall, and then quickly walked to the back.

In the main hall of Taoist temple, there is a statue of Taishang Laojun. Taishang Laojun is the master of alchemy in Taoist school in the world. The nine-turned golden pill is the highest level of alchemy. Life and death, flesh and bones, and longevity. According to legend, even ordinary people can eat one. The Nine-turned Golden Pill can also fly into an immortal in three days.
If it is said that cultivating the golden pill and Yuan Ying spell to become immortal, it is the inner alchemy, then taking the elixir is the outer alchemy. Those emperors of the Ming Dynasty 南京桑拿会所 made the elixir and took medicine to eat the elixir to gain longevity and to rise to the immortal.
But there is no such easy thing in the world.
Jiang Hao knew only one person who became immortal after eating the Nine Ranked Golden Pills, and that was Zhu Ba Jie.
Just as 南京龙凤网 Jiang Hao was thinking about it, a tall Taoist priest in Tsing Yi walked out of the inner door with a bauhinia crown on his head, gray beard, and godly eyes. When Jiang Hao saw it, people immediately bowed, “I have seen brother Yuheng. . ”
? Pier reality nodded,” Jiang Hao Young, why to my yard today, ”
Jiang Hao smiled and said:” there are two things that bother the brothers. ” ”
the Young but said nothing wrong. ”
“I read a lot of books in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion a few days ago. Many of them included introductions to alchemy. I had dabbled in this way before, but I didn’t intensively practice it. Brother Jiang is a master of alchemy in the realm of cultivation. Jiang Haote came to consult.” Jiang Hao Make a request while flattering.
True person Yuheng was not surprised, nodded and said: “It is okay to learn alchemy, 南京水磨会所 but I hope that the younger brother will not delay his practice.”
True person Yuheng knows Jiang Hao’s origins, and Du Chenghuang’s duties are destined to be impossible for him to devote all his body and mind to alchemy.
He and the real person Xuanji have very high

Sexili tried to contact Qiao Xiu to buy food in Nolan.

But 南京419论坛 judging from the current briefing sent by Circe to Qiao Xiu, the food collected from Nolan can only temporarily relieve the famine in the royal city.
In this case, if Qiao Xiu brought thousands of humans to the army, Qiao Xiu doubted whether his eldest sister would take him to a private life discussion.
“Avatar’s shooting time is mostly in the wild.”
Qiao Xiu began to explain his shooting plan to everyone present.
“Moreover, the portal constructed by my attendants can allow you to travel back and forth between Faloxi and the Demon Realm at any time. The actors of the Black Swan Theatre can completely return to the royal capital of Faloxi after finishing filming in the Demon Realm during the day. Rest.”
Qiao Xiu’s voice echoed throughout the theater. This was only a brief explanation, but I didn’t know why, but Qiao Xiu heard applause.
“I also think it’s too ridiculous to let a group of thousands of people go to the Demon World.”
“I’m also worried about whether there will be any accidents when my Mier stays in the Demon World. I don’t need to stay in the Demon World all the time.”
Qiao Xiu caught 南京水磨会所 the comments in the audience, most of which came from the parents of the actors.
Although they had tried their best not to say anything offensive to Qiao Xiu, Qiao Xiu could still hear from their conversation that they still had the impression of being wary and dangerous towards the devil world.
“Sorry, Mr. Qiao Xiu, there are a small number of nobles in Faloxi whose thinking is too old.” Mrs. Nishizawa lowered her voice and said to Qiao Xiu.
“If you give it a little time, you can slowly change, for example, starting from the mission of the mission.”
Qiao Xiu could not suppress his own voice when answering Mrs. Nishizawa. Everyone in the audience could hear Qiao. What is Xiu talking about.
“I don’t know if Mrs. Nishizawa or Her Majesty Clundo has decided on who will go to the Demon King City.” When
Qiao Xiu asked this ques

t, Jiang Hao opened his bow left and right, his pistols kept shooting, and quickly killed four or five guys. A group of students shrank in the corner. Two soldiers pointed their guns at them, and one of them was facing Jiang Haoda. “Throw the gun, or I will kill them!” The

students screamed in fright. Jiang Hao glanced at the students who were full of horror, spread his 南京桑拿会所 hands, two sand eagles fell freely, Jiang Hao’s eyes Always staring at each other, the two men saw Jiang Hao lost the gun, and immediately prepared to pull the trigger to shoot Jiang Hao’s scourge, but at this moment, Jiang Hao suddenly had two more guns in his hand.
Both left and right hands shot at the same time, and the bullet exploded two guys’ heads.
With the two guns disappearing, Jiang Hao quickly reached out and grabbed the two sand eagles that were still falling.
When the students saw this scene, some even cheered excitedly.
Jiang Hao immediately made a silent motion, “Stop screaming, go to the next classroom to hide, is there anyone who knows how to use a gun? Pick up the gun to protect myself, and I will go to other places to see the situation.”
After speaking, he rushed to other passages. .
In this way, 南京炮网 Jiang Hao cleaned up while killing, and the 南京桑拿论坛 students began to defend themselves. Slowly, the soldiers who rushed in were almost wiped out. Jiang Hao grabbed the last one to ask about the situation, and the soldier said immediately in fright.
“We are only responsible for arresting people. The specific situation is not clear.” The soldier said with a trembling voice.
He was talking about arresting people, not killing people. There must be a problem.
“Who are you taking the lead?”
“General William Stryker, he has left with the target person.” The soldier said.
William Stryker, hearing this name, Jiang Hao had a lot of information in his mind for a time, and the situation before him was roughly connected.
“Did you take Professor X?” Jiang Hao asked quickly.
“Yes, the two groups of


“Sister, don’t stop me, I want…” The
archer’s words were not finished, the twisted monsters at the end of the grassland began to grow more and more, visually at least close to tens of thousands, and some of them are so huge that they seem to be able to be kicked. Trampled his behemoth to death.
Rejek gave orders to the group members behind him, but the most critical problem was that they had no way to retreat.
“Portal! Mage players hurry up and use the portal!” 南京炮网 In an emergency, Rona thought of a way to run through the rift in the world.
There are twelve mage characters in the snake. They summoned portals after a short chant. Although Rona didn’t know where these portals lead, they were at least better than this grassland full of monsters.
The members of the mercenary regiment and the soldiers of the seaside country ran into the portal. Rona only felt that his vision went black. The next second he opened his eyes again, it was blue sky and white clouds.
There is also the familiar sound of ocean tides.
Are they back?
Rona opened his eyes, got up from the deck, glanced around, and the others gradually woke up from the coma.
“This is the real world?” Rona came to the side of the ship and looked into the distance. There was only a small part of the Hanged Island in his eyes, and the 南京水磨会所 giant island had disappeared without a trace.
During the time they were in a coma, the tide took them away from that… terrifying island.
“Is anyone injured?”
Reyek’s voice echoed on the deck. None of the other members of the mercenary group were injured, and they all woke up from the coma unharmed.
But something happened 南京夜生活论坛 among the soldiers of the seaside country.
“Tiri! Wake up!”
General Field shook his adjutant, who fell on the deck and lost consciousness. Although he was still breathing, General Field did not respond no matter how he shook him.
“General! We have two soldiers still in a coma here.” A soldier shouted from the other side of the ship’s gun.
“How could th


Zhuang Shikai shook his head.
“Would you like a cup of coffee then?”
Zhou Xingxing raised his left hand.
Said again.
Zhuang Shikai continued to shake his head.
“What about replacing it with a cup of mandarin ducks?
” At this moment, Zhou Xingxing bowed his head and sucked half of the two cups of coffee and milk tea in his left and right hands, and then pours it into a cup, raising his hands proudly: “It’s delicious. .”
Zhuang Shikai glanced down at him.
This senior superintendent, Captain Flying Tiger, is still so indifferent!
Too dazzling among the officers in the white uniform!
“Give me the telescope.” Zhuang Shikai 南京龙凤论坛 raised his hand, opened his palm, and preached: “I’m here to visit the exercise, not to have afternoon tea.”
“This cup of mandarin duck… I will reward Sir Chen.”
“No! A sir!!!” Chen Jiaju widened his eyes and exclaimed in surprise.
At this time, a group of operations chiefs were standing by the corridor on the fifth floor, and opposite the office building, two squadrons of Flying Tigers were holding a counter-terrorism exercise related to the “superior position”!
750 sharpshooter
“Zhuang Sir.”
Zhuang Shikai took the binoculars handed by an adjutant of operations, raised the binoculars with both hands, leaned in front of him , and focused on observing the two flying tiger teams in the distance.
I saw a “training building” in the training ground of the Flying Tigers…
Thirty Flying Tigers of Team A are acting as terrorists, holding 15 hostages armed and holding the entire training building.
Thirty Flying Tigers of Team B will act as the offensive side, acting as their own police officers, performing the anti-terrorist mission of rescuing the hostages!
This training building is a real one-to-one building.
There 南京品茶网 are twelve floors in total, which is the current average level of buildings on Hong Kong Island, and is sufficient for exercise assessments of actual combat standards.

time to locate my position, I just want to tell you, let my relatives go, otherwise there will be unbearable consequences for you.” Jiang Hao said coldly.

At this moment, a cursor flashed on the screen in front of the technician, the position 南京龙凤网 kept downward, and finally it was positioned on a street in Los Angeles.
The technician made an ok gesture at Polly. Polly winked at the surrounding subordinates and signaled to act immediately, and everyone immediately went out.
“Mr. Jon, don’t worry, we know that you were wronged. Now that Moen and Buck are with us, you can rest assured that they will be punished as they should.” Polly said, already walking to the door.
“I hope so, but if my aunt and uncle don’t go home tonight, I believe you will receive my greeting card.” Jiang Hao directly hung up the phone after he finished speaking.
Listening to the beep in the phone, Polly said loudly, “Immediately notify the surrounding patrol police and helicopter operations, let’s rush over.” He boarded a helicopter and flew towards the predetermined location with a swish.
Jiang 南京桑拿论坛 Hao hung up the phone, just walked past a trash can, and stuffed it in. As soon as Jiang Hao walked out a few meters, a beggar on the street rushed to the trash can, and half of his body rummaged in it.
He just sat next to him, Jiang Hao’s movements of throwing his mobile phone were so cool, he could see clearly, a mobile phone could be sold for tens of dollars at random, and it could be hundreds of dollars. How would he get the chance to make a fortune? Maybe let it go.
After only two searches, he found a new smart phone. The beggar wiped his sleeve with a smile on his face, “It’s a new phone, it should be sold for two hundred dollars, haha.”
He didn’t wait for him to be happy. , A sharp police sirens sounded nearby, and three or four police cars rushed towards this side. When they reached the trash can, they creaked and stopped. The car lights illuminated the trash can. A group of policemen rushed out of the car and pulled

anied by the disgusting sound of mucus surging, the big bag in the vine tore from it, and a figure in a black robe was embarrassed. The ground came out.

This black shadow is just the Cultist who escaped by chance. His body is full of burnt smell, his left arm is dripping with blood, and he is weakly dangling beside him, his robe is also tattered, and his hood is even worse. It disappeared, revealing the face of a thin, pale, and messy middle-aged man with short brown hair.
He was still carrying the “one-handed sword” in his right hand, but now only a small half of this valuable extraordinary weapon was left.
Cursing in a low voice, the cultist put away the small half-cut sword and staggered towards the 南京龙凤论坛 front, preparing to quickly escape from this place before the terrifying opponent could react.
But after just two steps, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the corner not far away.
Knight Byron stood there, looking up at the cultist who appeared to be seriously injured from a cluster of vines. The two looked at each other for a while, and neither of them responded.
But the stupefaction only lasted in the blink of an eye, and the cultist quickly woke up, and raised his finger to the knight who had survived for some reason, fighting the sting of his brain, and began to forcibly recite the curse, preparing to get rid of the roadblocker.
Knight Byron also reacted in an instant. He drew something into his arms, fumbled with something, and threw it at his opponent: “Eat my hidden weapon of justice!” The
upright knight 南京夜生活论坛 called out even if he threw the hidden weapon.
The cultist just smiled disdainfully, and easily caught the “hidden weapon” that Byron threw at him. Although he was seriously injured, he would not 南京桑拿会所 be conspired to succeed by a third-level knight, not to mention that this third-level knight had not yet succeeded. He was cursed by his sorcery, and now he is also in weakness!
“You look too high at yourself,” the cultist grabbed the thrown by Byron. He didn’t perceive any po

click” Noretta’s voice came from the communication interface. In the next second, she exclaimed, “Oh my God! What happened to you?! Your heart”

“I had a conversation with Gawain Cecil. A more stimulating conversation,” Melita said with a wry smile, “His words broke my heart-it broke 南京炮网 three.”
“At this time, you are still in the mood to make a joke!?” Noretta’s voice sounded extremely anxious, “All of your auxiliary hearts have stopped, and only one original heart is beating. It cannot drive all the functions in your body—— How are you now? Can you still move? You must return to Tarrond immediately for emergency repair!”
“I just said that I can’t fly for the time being, I may need the help of the’recycling team’,” Melita said slowly “Also remember to bring enough’julang’ synergist, I just used up all the quota.”
“Okay, the recovery team is online, they will take off in ten minutes-take what you want.” Julang’s synergist. Damn, you may be the only dragon in the last two millennia to get yourself into a recovery team during regular field missions, what have you talked about with that human emperor?” Noretta
She couldn’t help but asked curiously, but then she added, “Ah, if it’s not convenient, don’t say it.” Obviously, she realized that this is not a “safe signal zone” in the upper atmosphere. The 南京品茶网 communication may have attracted the attention of Dragon God, and she reminded Melita.
“It’s really inconvenient to say here.” Melita thought of the terrible news of her conversation with Gawain, and thought of her abnormal actions and the memory of her bizarre disappearance. Even at this moment, she still has lingering fears. She shook her head gently, her voice low. Seriously, “After I go back, I want to see God. This may require the help of Speaker Andar.”
Before the friend on the other side of the communication interface said anything, Merita heard an old and majestic voice suddenly intervene in the communication. “I’m online–Merita, do you want to meet the gods?”
“Yes,” Merita thought f

nurse didn’t believe it.

Jiang Hao suddenly wanted to tease this little nurse. Although he was not too pretty, he was also cute, especially the big eyes were very bright, and he was of good figure, with a bulging chest, and he supported the white nurse uniform.
“You really want to know.” Jiang Hao said.
When the little nurse heard it, she knew that she might have heard something secretive, she immediately became more interested, and said, “You said, I will never tell other people.”
Jiang Hao solemnly said, “I practice really. It’s not internal strength, but it’s more powerful than internal strength. I can practice both men and women and get a breath of spiritual energy. If you are 南京龙凤网 interested in cultivating immortals, you can find me.” The
little nurse is a fan of martial arts and fairy tales. What did Jiang Hao mean? His smile turned red.
“Bad guy.” The little nurse gave Jiang Hao a stern look.
Both hands were bandaged so that they looked like two gloves, Jiang Hao swayed from side to side, and said, “Would you like to be so exaggerated, how can I eat?”
“I’ll just wrap it up like this, how about it, you don’t accept it.” Xiao The nurse glared at Jiang Hao, her eyes full of provocation.
So, whoever offends should never offend the doctor, especially the doctor who is treating you. The nurses are the same. In case you have an operation, you will leave you with a piece of “scissors, rock, cloth” and cut it. the second time.
The little nurse insisted on Jiang Hao’s injuries again, and found that there were 南京炮网 only simple bruises and bruises. She took the medicine and applied the bruises. The little nurse thought for a while and said, “Would you like me to rub the bruises for you?”
“Okay. ”
Someone can’t ask for it.
The little nurse’s hands were very soft, she poured the medicinal liquor and rubbed 南京419论坛 gently, touching Jiang Hao’s strong muscles, and she felt a sense of reluctance to let go.
Men love women with long legs and big breasts, and women also love men with muscles.