cularly ugly and mottled.

cularly ugly and mottled.

Quietly among the barriers, the entire No. 176 barrier has been under total martial law since the Wang clan took over here. This is especially true recently. The residents of the city feel that there may be another battle here, but they have no way of knowing this battle. Who is going to fight with.
Some people have heard that the people who came this time are no longer prairie people, but they don’t understand, aren’t there only prairie people in the north?
At this time, dozens of searchlights stood above the city wall, and the huge and dazzling beam of light pointed to the north like a sharp sword.
This feeling is like an omen that a crisis will come at any time.
All the trees within ten kilometers to the north have been cut down, so that 南京水磨会所 the searchlight has a wider view. The fallen trees are all carried into the barrier and become new fortifications.
Beside the searchlight, there are black and cold heavy machine guns and howitzers, as well as soldiers with live ammunition. Everyone is tensed, for fear of missing any details.
Commander Wang stood at the 南京夜生活论坛 top of the city wall with a cold face. Even with thick black leather gloves in the early spring night, he could hardly stop the chill.
The adjutant breathed a white breath from the side, and he was puzzled: “Sir, we obviously should abandon Barrier No. 176 at this time and build a line of defense with the mountains behind us, not in the barrier. What if the opponent has heavy weapons. , Then we can become bright targets.” In
modern warfare, city walls have become a very tasteless thing, and defense lines built without relying on the complex terrain in the mountains are more effective.
The commander said: “Our scouts did not find the enemy’s heavy thermal weapons. Now it seems that the fortified wall is somewhat useful, and we have no time to stop the hundreds of thousands of residents in the fort from retreating.”
” Let’s 南京龙凤网 take care of these people. Well,” the adjutant sighed: “This is not our barrier be

t, then you can also seal a fart and promote some strong people at will.

Even if the Spirit of Heaven and Earth did it, it probably paid a lot of money.
Is this betting on yourself?
“Excellent people, they are really dazzling everywhere!”
Su Yu suddenly sighed. The blue sky was speechless. Looking at Su Yu, he was speechless. I always felt that I was worse than you. Shameless!
Not as thick as you!
At the moment, the two of them are much more relaxed. Su Yu smiled and said: “Don’t say, before, the strength was a little bit low, and I have been worried about it, but now suddenly I feel relaxed!”
Lantian said nothing.
Yes, you are relaxed, I am not relaxed!
He glanced at Su Yu, a little gloomy, and sullenly said: “My strength is weaker, and my willpower is also weaker. Is there a way to 南京龙凤论坛make me stronger as well as normal? Don’t give me an abnormal improvement. !”
For example, blending into the future!
“It’s actually good
to fight poison with poison !” Su Yu still suggested that he melt into the body, how good, you are the poison, maybe it will mess up the spirit of heaven and earth.
Wasn’t that the case the last time I dealt with the sky?
Lantian was speechless again, and said dullly: “Last time I dealt with the sky, the strength of the sky was not strong, about 30. At most, I am not as good as her, but her will is just like that.”
Even so, I almost got myself in.
This is still the sky. Once he encounters the spirit of the long river of time, he can’t imagine, the gap is too big.
“Isn’t there still me?”
Su Yu smiled and said, “What are you afraid of, Lao Lan, you are not afraid that I am still calm, if you are so afraid, I am not calm anymore! I believe you, no problem!”
You shut up!
Blue sky is a little crazy!
Do you treat me like you?
You are throwing the wiping off to me now. Of course you are not afraid. What use do you believe me?南京桑拿论坛
He thought for a while and said: “In this way, I must use heaven and earth to replenish my body and my willpo

here yet?” There was

no answer .
Everyone got it!
We are all here, but no one dares to come out.
When it comes to human conditions, everyone is afraid, afraid that someone will betray, afraid that someone will be blackhanded.
“Xuan Jiu, you are our boss, you haven’t arrived yet?”
Huang Jiu spoke.
Su Yu secretly scolded, you are finished, this guy finds fault several times, waiting, sooner or later he will hammer you to death.
“Huang Jiu, you go to the designated place first, I am the head of Daxia Mansion, you obey the order!” Now
it’s Huang Jiu’s turn to curse!
Why should I go first?
How dangerous!
Everyone waited for a while, and the next moment, a figure appeared in the distance, Caiichi was helpless, he didn’t come out, I couldn’t come out.
It is not a trouble for Daxia Mansion to start business quickly.
Four white noodles, one by one is as slippery as a ghost.
“Come out!”
Cai Yi said, what the trouble is, the time has been delayed.
After a while, four white faces appeared almost at the same time.
Everyone is wearing 南京419论坛 a mask and it is not embarrassing.
Su Yu was the first to say, “I have seen the law enforcement, and the road was a bit blocked just now.”
“Me too, there is a Dragon Wuwei patrolling on the road, I avoided it.”
“Me too!”
Cai Yi was speechless, what is he? , OK, don’t make excuses, these guys don’t care about being perfunctory.
“Shut up!”
Cai Yi said coldly, “Xuan Jiu, your Daxia Mansion was the first to start your business. Let me talk about how you escaped the roundup.”
Su Yu said indifferently: “When I come, When I arrived near Nanyuan, I fought against a leader of Long Wuwei and quickly retreated. The opponent did not chase him. After that, he found a place to hide. After that, he met Bai Feng’s cousin near Xingluo Mountain. Bai Junsheng, everyone knows what happened next.”
“Huang Jiu, how about you?”
“I was lucky and 南京水磨会所 fell out of the wilderness. No one cares about me. I found a place to hide, and then disguised myself.
I got i


“Then you guys. What’s your plan afterwards?”
“First stay with the Zhou clan for a while, then go to the 南京品茶网 Kong clan, and the last stop to the Wang clan.”
Ren Xiaosu was surprised: “You said they are ambitious, and dare to join the trap?”
Luo Lan laughed. “You won’t be a tiger if you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, and the Wang family won’t do anything to me right now. I’m just going for a stroll to see if the Wang family is really one piece of iron as the outside world says.” I
have to say, Ren Xiaosu still I really admire Luo Lan, this cargo is really iron, wherever it is dangerous, go wherever it is. Everything is for the Qing family.
In fact, at a certain moment, Ren Xiaosu felt that when the shadow of Qingzhen became the lord of the Qing family, Luo Lan became the shadow of Qingzhen.
Luo Lan will help him do the dirty things that Qingzhen can’t do.
Ten minutes after leaving the Houguan Lake villa area, the palace said: “The 南京桑拿会所 mission is completed, and the reward is 10 agility.”
Ren Xiaosu is delighted. This is the completion of the mission. He is one step closer to breaking through 20 in both strength and agility. I don’t know. In double 20, what abilities the palace will open to him.
Now, Ren Xiaosu’s strength is 135, and his agility is 131!
“Stop,” Ren Xiaosu said.
Zhou Yingxue was surprised, but didn’t question anything, but just stepped on the brakes.
Ren Xiaosu smiled and said to Luo Lan: “Since you don’t want to run, then go back.”
Luo Lan: “???”
Everyone in the car was shocked at the time, what are they doing?
However, he saw Ren Xiaosu handing Luo Lan a USB flash drive: “There is a recording. The person I interrogated is Wu Tong, a grade A killer under Anjing Temple. The five-member team came to the No. 73 barrier and colluded with the Order Department. The director killed Zhou Xilong, and the recording inside is the evidence. In this way, you will be innocent.”
Luo Lan was taken aback for a moment: “The killer of Anjing Temple? How did you fin

, Su Yu became more bold.

If you are not hungry, you don’t know what suffering is.
Take a look, last time you hungry 南京品茶网 people, the Heaven-level exercises came out. If you hungry for a few more days, maybe they still have something good.
It’s all cheap leather!
If it weren’t for the fight, three times a day, Su Yu felt that he would surely be able to dig up good things.
Go downstairs.
Bai Feng, who sees the 南京419论坛 dragon and misses the end, actually eats in the living room!
Su Yu was a little overjoyed. He didn’t see him for many days, but he missed it a little.
While eating instant noodles, Bai Feng looked up at Su Yu, blinking his eyes, unshaven, and said strangely: “How do you feel that you are a little different?”
These four words appeared in Bai Feng’s mind.
This kid still looked a little impetuous before, but now it feels a little immaculate and unpretentious?
The appearance of these four words on Su Yu made him a little strange.
Su Yu laughed, and Bai Feng was in a daze. This kid is so beautiful to laugh!
Do you think you look good when you see a man in a seclusion for too long?
Damn it!
Do you want to go out and hook up with a beautiful girl?
Su Yu grinned and bared his teeth, “It’s 南京炮网 nothing different, it’s just that I have read a lot of books recently, and I am proud of poems and books! Maybe that’s the case!”
“Hey, kid, praise you, you are Boasting it!”
Bai Feng laughed, “You still have a poem and a poem, have you read a few books? Which researcher of a civilized institution reads more books than you? Your kid also installed it with me!” After all
, Bai Feng was shocked, his white robe was flying, and his beard was shaved instantly. He got up, shook his robe, and said lightly: “Teacher, I am, you are still a little tender!”
Su Yu was speechless, this also has to be argued?
“Teacher, clean up the noodles on your mouth”
Bai Feng was speechless, his temperament disappeared instantly.
Sit down and continue to eat, som

ing of the Goddess Cassette is actually through long-term equipment and use, the cassette stars will gradually increase, and it also means that the Goddess can control the corresponding power.

After all, the gods, like the commoners, belong to the kittens sterilized by the maharaja, and they can’t practice. To control more powerful forces, they must adapt through a long period of time.
However, Loth’s now perfect version of the two-star goddess, “Blind Fool”‘s 南京水磨会所 “attack causes confusion in thinking” effect is matched with any high-speed melee cassette, and the lethality is almost invincible of the same level!
As long as Akasha is not a Samsung, he will die!
Confirming that Akasha does not belong to the tristar goddess, Ren Suo immediately chooses the action card: “Arrange the area of ??violence”!
Suddenly a field of violence appeared on the battlefield. Everyone was surprised and found that Dia of Morag and Aksha of Azura were fighting!
“Is that guy stupid? God child can be equipped with two cassettes, 1.5 times the enhancement, how can he be able to fight?”
“Also put down the field of violence, he can’t escape this time.”
“Haha, Dia You have today too, waiting to be tortured to death by Akasha!”
But soon, everyone was stunned: Akasha was beaten so badly and even at a disadvantage! 南京龙凤论坛
“There is another big villain in Morag” someone shouted, “Where are Azura’s people? Come and help your god son to explode the field of violence!” 南京桑拿会所
Azura’s people are not dead, and there are two protections. Akasha’s guardian of the goddess has been attacking the field of violence. It’s just that Akasha went down too fast, and Loth fought back too fast, and they didn’t think that’Dia’ could pose a threat to Akasha, so they were a step slower.
However, when Akatha tried to dodge and escape, Lose chased, and the hand of steel directly penetrated Akatha’s psionic barrier and penetrated the back of her head!
The fierce battlefield stopped instantly.
“The Son of God is dead!”
Even Ren Suo could gu

ly opened, he is not worried that other tourists will see it.

After entering the underground scene, the middle-aged man trembled slightly. It should be the first time for him to come to a place like a haunted house. He looked nervous.
His daughter behaved a little stranger, her eyes widened, if it weren’t for the man to hold her hand, she would have gone somewhere.
“Which scene do you want to 南京桑拿会所 visit?” Chen Ge let them choose, which is also a kind of test.
The man opened his mouth and made a whining sound in his throat. He seemed to be asking his daughter.
The girl looks cute when she looks more, but the more she looks like this, the more regrettable it will be. It is probably due to heredity. This child also has a defect in intelligence.
The little girl didn’t know where to go, she gave Chen Ge a timid look.
“Then let’s visit the scenes one by one. Before the opening of the park, I will take you around for a better time.” Chen Ge walked in front, leading the father and daughter into the scene of Muyang Middle School.
In the gloomy corridor, gusts of gloomy wind blew from time to time, and blank test papers fluttered on the ground, making a crippling sound, as if a hand gently stroking the heart.
The classroom doors 南京桑拿论坛 on both sides were ajar, and the old tables and chairs piled up randomly. Soon the three of them came to the door of the last classroom.
Without any psychological preparation, faces were squeezed by the window, and the classroom was full of “people”.
The middle-aged man obviously didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He twitched and fell backward.
Chen Ge, who had been paying attention to the situation around him, quickly reached out to support the middle-aged man. He still underestimated the horror of his haunted house, especially for someone who had never entered a haunted house.
“Be careful.” The
man’s performance made Chen Ge rule out the possibility that he was a special tourist. Next, Chen Ge focused on the little girl.
When the middle-aged man was almost

it was thrown out, the black hair on the boat quietly dispersed, and the cloud of shadow moved quickly toward the place where the bait was thrown.

“Saved?” The
man was holding the oars and was about to row to the shore. When he looked back, he saw a horrible scene that he would never forget.
At the bottom of the reservoir, something like black water plants floated up from under the water, swarming at the bait thrown out by him.
“This, so much” his
hands and feet were cold, and his body was shaking. The man never dared to look back anymore, holding the oars in both hands, and rowing towards the shore.
“Help me, help me!” The
underwater thing was attracted by the bait prepared by the fishing man, and temporarily let him go. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the man escaped.
He tried his best to row the boat back to the shore, and then rolled up to the shore.
Frightened, the fishing man was in cold sweat, sitting 南京夜生活论坛 far away from the river bank, panting.
“Have you seen the fish king?” Zhang Dapo was taken aback by the man’s reaction, and hurried to the fishing man’s side.
The man waved his hands frantically, his lips were blue and trembling, he couldn’t say a whole word.
“Say, what did you see? When you first arrived on the boat, didn’t you still say that you were holding a harpoon and saw the king of fish catch it? Why are you now?”
“There is no king of fish, just now It’s not the fish king underwater!” The fishing man’s voice was intermittent, mixed with his own gasps.
“It’s not the fish king? What is that?”
“People! It’s a person!” The fishing man yelled frantically, emotionally unstable.
While he was communicating with Zhang Dapo, Chen Ge turned on the light on his mobile phone and shone it at the boat.
The special luminous float rolled down on the corner of the boat. This float was much larger than the ones on the market. Chen Ge took a few steps forward with curiosity.
He saw something black resembling hair 南京龙凤网 remaining in the stern of the boat.
Chen Ge was very

?” Ren Xiaosu said seriously, and he also felt a sense of urgency.

But I heard 5092 say: “Since their frontal battlefield is tight, then we should create chaos in the rear. It must be a chaos that the Expeditionary Corps must pay attention to! This time absolutely cannot go to the main battlefield of
Daniushan !” 5092 said before that , The Sixth Combat Brigade didn’t have many people at all, and entering the main battlefield rashly would be dead in vain.
Therefore, at this time, they should continue their plan to interfere with the 南京夜生活论坛 lifeline of the expeditionary army. Regardless of others, they should ensure their own rhythm instead of being influenced by others at random. This is the true meaning of the battlefield.
“In this way, you now take the iron to walk the transportation line of the Expeditionary Corps in succession,” 5092 said: “This time you can fight as long as you see their transportation troops. The crisis.”
“Okay,” Ren Xiaosu said as he was about to take people out of the defensive position.
But at this time, 5092 thought of another possibility.
Ren Xiaosu marched hurriedly with Tie Yi Lian, and rushed to the place where he robbed the transport troops last time, but this time the opponent may not take this path. After all, there are two alternative paths.
5092 explained that if you could not squat down to the transport unit of the Expeditionary 南京炮网 Corps on the original road, then go to the other two roads to see if you can find anything.
The soldiers of Tie Yi Company silently followed Ren Xiaosu and said nothing. Ren Xiaosu asked them to do whatever they wanted.
This time the company commander didn’t even ask 南京龙凤论坛 Ren Xiaosu where he was going. Anyway, he just followed.
Ren Xiaosu looked back at them: “You don’t need to hide the trail on this road. We are the one who attracted the expeditionary army to Zuoyun Mountain. We must keep them. Traces that can be found.” The
company commander asked weakly: “Young commander, let them be alive this time, so that they can fi

on the ground. The flag was painted with twisted emblems of storms and lightning.

Owen looked down at the banner and stepped forward-he and the sailors stepped on the steps, through the open main entrance of the hall, and came to the empty assembly hall. Finally, he stopped in front of the deepest wall of the assembly hall. It came down, and there were only two empty hooks on this wall, and some moss growing along the wall.
The earl looked up for a while, lowered his head and fumbled in his arms. Soon, he took out a neatly folded piece of cloth from his arms and carefully unfolded it.
It was a very old, even old to faded flag, but because the fabric was mixed with magic thread and has been carefully kept, it was still intact after 700 years. On the solemn black background, the shield Although the color of the emblem with the crown is dim, it is still clearly visible.
After a closer look, the earl raised his hand and solemnly re-hanged the 南京桑拿论坛 Typhon flag in the town hall of Thassos.
Then he untied another thing from his waist-it was a saber passed down from generation to generation in his family.
The hilt of the sabre is engraved with a light golden harpoon pattern, which is the coat of arms given to the first Earl of Dyson by the founding king of Typhon 700 years ago. This sword represents the inheritance of the Dyson family. It also represents the glory of the first generation of builders in Thassos.
Swords and flags, these are the things that the ancestors of the family took away from Thassos when they evacuated from Thassos-the ancestor did not leave any last words to bring these things back to Thassos, because he was here. The organization was buried in the sea during the second evacuation, but after that, the relics left by the ancestors became the long-term 南京桑拿会所 responsibility of the descendants of Dyson.
After placing the saber under the flag, Earl Owen finally breathed a sigh of relief. He returned to the sailors, turned around, and watched the sword and flag on the wall quietly with