er over there, like a long black line on the horizon.

er over there, like a long black line on the horizon.

A huge sense of depression forced everyone. Luo Lan followed Qing Lao San’s gaze. They didn’t know that the entire Central Plains was already in the hands of artificial intelligence. At this moment, seeing this scene, they only felt that the sky was about to collapse. 南京炮网 .
Qing Lao San murmured: “Big Brother, how many Central Plains do you think this artificial intelligence controls?”
Luo Lan thought for a while: “A quarter? Half?”
In fact, Luo Lan and Qing Lao San knew it, they guessed it. It is missing, but the answer that is closest to the truth is a bit afraid to guess because it is too cruel.
“Time is running out. If these people surround us, you and I won’t fly back to the southwest even with wings,” Qing Lao San said.
Seeing that black line was getting closer and closer, Qing Lao San even vaguely saw the figure of Wang’s armored car, the crowd was mixed with Wang’s troops!
Moving on,
but at this moment, the door of the factory building burst open, and a red dragon came out of the huge smoke and dust, and it only took a moment to suck up the thousands of enemies surrounded by the factory.
The horror of the destructive power of this blue dragon is extremely rare in the entire transcendent world.
Although Zhou Qi is not as talented as Li Shentan and Chen Wudi, he is the first group of transcendents to awaken, and he is only one step away from the 南京龙凤论坛 level of a demigod.
However, Zhou Qi is now at the end of the battle. He squeezed the last bit of potential in his body, and completed the final bloom of extraordinary abilities at the cost of his life.
Seeing that something was wrong, Luo Lan immediately rushed towards the muddy sandfield, only to see Zhou Qi had fallen to the side of the drilling platform with blood overflowing from the corners of his eyes and nostrils.
Luo Lan pressed her finger on Zhou Qi’s carotid artery, and the beating of vitality was rapidly declining at a sensible speed.
As if he felt Luo Lan’s bre

d to handover or run-in. This soldier can immediately become the most qualified screw on this war machine.

After the firepower was covered, the position of the Qing’s 152mm howitzer was already exposed in the air. Fortunately, the Qing’s troops were not stupid. The artillery was protected by layers behind the defense line, no matter how accurate the opponent’s mortars were. , It is impossible to affect these artillery.
Artillery with a longer range cannot be transported by 南京桑拿论坛 artificial intelligence.
The Southwest Forest, as a natural barrier, actually restricted Zero’s performance, but it also abolished Qing’s military system. Compared with their peak combat effectiveness, both sides seemed to be 南京419论坛 fighting with one arm tied.
The war continued, Qingyi sent people to submit the frontline combat report to Qingzhen.
At this moment, Luo Lan was flipping through the piece that he had just sent. He sat next to Qing Zhen and said in confusion: “It’s strange, it clearly has the strength to push the Sanshan defense line, why should it fight like this? Normally, it’s OK. It’s a commander who loves the people as a child. It doesn’t fit this kind of character.”
Qingzhen said, “I guess it has a high level of support for these human-based servers. The degree of dependence on the server, so it does not hope that its own server will have too many casualties, which will affect its ability to operate. On the other hand, it may want to defeat Qing on the battlefield and use its command ability instead of the crowd Tactics.”
Qing Zhen and Luo 南京龙凤网 Lan knew how many people there were in the southwest forest. The terrifying crowd only needed a wave to slap over, and the Sanshan Defense Line would probably be gone, but Zero did not do so.
Luo Lan was even more puzzled: “Does it have any meaning to defeat Qing directly?”
“It may be the competitive spirit of artificial intelligence, or it may be Wang Shengzhi’s last wish? Who knows, it doesn’t matter,” Qing Zhen shook his head and said.
“How long do you thi

n the southern part of the Central Plains.

However, the Zhou family rejected Wang’s proposal and told the media that Wang should not take advantage of this crisis. This is the common enemy of 南京水磨会所 mankind. If it really looks like assistance, we don’t need to send troops. My Zhou’s army is enough. You just need to deliver some supplies.
Ren Xiaosu is happy. The two consortia actually tore up in the newspaper. It seems that the Zhou family thought that the Wang family sent troops to be 南京炮网 unkind. After all, no one would allow other people’s troops to walk on their own territory. , The ghost knows what the other party is playing.
When the newspaper turned to the second page, it was more dry. I hope the media will explain the course of the war in detail, but it is mainly from the perspective of reporters, and interviews with Zhou’s senior officials afterwards as a supplement.
It even focused on the experiment’s strategy, which shocked all those who thought the experiment was just a group of beasts.
High-latitude civilizations have always overlooked low-latitude civilizations. In the eyes of many consortia, the experimental subjects are nothing but barbaric beasts, which can only disappear in front of thermal weapons. Now, the experimental subjects may refresh their knowledge.
In the third edition, the three reporters 南京桑拿论坛 who hoped that the media stationed on the 74th barrier actually used their cameras to capture many moments of battle. For example, the knights and the tinder drove and killed the experimental body on the city wall. Those who were re-elected Xiaosu did not watch. The scene of Qing was captured by the reporter with extremely expensive lens.
Among them, I hope that the media has given great affirmation to the Tinder company, praised the other party’s behavior of letting go of their positions to fight the enemy together, and said that new members of the Tinder company have joined the reinforcements in the 73rd barrier.
In everyone’s impression, this is probably the first time that

The first order for Caiyuan is over 800, the first order is 17,000 after the end of the book, and the first order for Gaowu is more than 5,000, and the first order is more than 55,000 after the end of the book. One book is better than the other. I didn’t show off secretly, just want to show off. Let me talk about the feeling of steadily rising!

But there is a saying that is good, stand high and fall hard!
Wan Jie only appeared on the basis of two ten thousand books. At this time, it was 南京夜生活论坛 actually very nervous, even more nervous than the newcomer. There will be no sense of gap in the newcomer period. Good grades are good, and bad is bad.
But when you stand high, your grades are poor, and the gap is too great for many people to accept.
Why do some 南京桑拿会所 great gods cut books one by one, the gap is too big, their mentality collapsed, and they can’t continue to write if they don’t cut it.
Eagle, my mentality is not bad, but when I see the difference, I feel a little uneasy. I’m afraid that the gap is too big and I can’t bear it. What if I can’t feed myself every day and make myself fat?
You have to think about it, the fat man has thick fingers and the code word doesn’t move!
Only thin people can do 20,000 words a day!
So, ah, old clichés, everyone support the new books on the shelves, subscribe to them, and give confidence, lest the eagle gain weight and lose heart codewords.
Someone asks about adding more rules, there is no need to ask.
Eagles, I have average talent, and I can’t write any stunning masterpieces. I just rely on eating hard, not updating, no one supports me!
So, the update must be done as much as I can!
This year I’m not bragging anymore. I’m afraid I’m scared, I’m afraid, Gao Wu’s leader seems to be in his early 550s. According to what I said at the beginning, I added chapter 1750, this is not silver or gold, I still admit it. Well, I can’t say it, it feels uncomfortable to be slapped every day!
Three changes a day, I have a lot of words in a chapter, usually star

n, the perfect plan he conceived has an unknown change. Place! “Dr. Sun’s words awakened Chen Ge. He held the glass jar in both hands and looked back at Dr. Sun with difficulty. Most of the scars on the face and body of that doctor were bleeding. What he said seemed to trigger some kind of Curse, the body is being punished extremely terribly. “The hospital will not give up if you fail to achieve your purpose. You will be locked in the hospital forever, unless they feel that you are slowly becoming what they want. “Doctor Sun pointed to the glass jar in front of Chen Ge: “We are now in your brain maze. This is the ability of a night shift doctor. You can understand it as hypnosis.” “The hospital behind this door was woven from the memory of the night doctor. His purpose is to let you kill all the patients here and drive you completely crazy!” When you become the last survivor, you will see yourself appearing covered in blood, and you will realize that you are the murderer! “But it doesn’t matter, I have replaced the drugs for you, the murderers in the hospital have also been played for you by my evil thoughts, and the phantoms of those patients have all been killed by me! You just need to insist that everyone is killed by you, and you have forgotten all the others! “The scar on Dr. Sun’s body is constantly cracking, and the blood is covered with blood, but the speed of speech is getting faster and faster: “Time is running out!” You must remember the location of the seven glass jars and the organs inside! I found some information, and those seven glass jars contain the things that are most important to you! “Even in the memory of others, it can affect you, indicating that the relationship between you is far beyond my previous imagination! You must find them! That is the only thing that belongs to you in this hospital! “The head in the glass jar began to violently hit the glass jar. As Doctor Gao escaped, the hospital seemed to be in an earthquake. Footsteps came from outside the corridor, and a blood-c

t at noon?”

“Yes. Ah,” Ren Xiaosu said naturally.
Mega angrily pulled Ren Xiaosu aside, lowered his voice and said, “You are still in the mood to ask 南京龙凤网 what to eat, don’t you know that you have collapsed the sky?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not that serious,” Ren Xiaosu comforted. Said: “Although the movement is quite loud, it is actually not as exaggerated as you think.”
Mei Ge was skeptical: “Really?”
“Yes!” Ren Xiaosu laughed cheerfully.
At this moment, 南京龙凤论坛 the people sent by Qian Weining trot into the station, and he came to the crowd out of breath: “I probably found out what happened, and I also know why the city gate was closed.
” Quickly talk about it,” Qian Weining urged.
The guard hurriedly said: “The Winston family killed 62 wizards last night, including the two great wizards of Devon Hill and Abel. The murderer not only killed these people, but also snatched 61 Eyes of True Sight. One of them is still the Red Eye of True Sight!”
Mega: ” Hiccup!”
Just now Mega let Xiaosu’s comfort and thought that the matter was really not serious, but now that he heard the truth, he was shocked. Hiccup!
Is this special called not serious? Do you call the vicious incident that killed 62 wizards serious?
If it weren’t for being afraid of revealing stuffing, Megge would roar and question Ren 南京夜生活论坛 Xiaosu on the spot.
Fortunately, he was able to maintain his sense, which made him stop his impulse.
Everyone heard the hiccups and looked at Meg: “What’s wrong with Meg?”
“It’s okay,” Meg said: “I heard that so many fellow wizards died unexpectedly, and my heart was a little sad!”
Qian Wei, anxious to know the truth Ning glanced at Meg and didn’t ask much, but continued to urge the guards: “What else happened?”
“The Knights of Songs are nothing serious . The other party is directed at the wizards, so they didn’t get entangled with the Knights of Songs. “The guard said.
“Has the murderer been caught, who is the murderer?” Qian Weining asked.
“The murderers were three people and they were not caught.

ally dumbfounded at the moment.

The next moment the battle broke out, the guillotine dragon pulled its tail, and with a bang, it broke the two-tailed dragon to pieces, and was overjoyed: “All look good!”
I was scared to death!
Seeing that the breath is strong, it is actually not enough to fight!
“Can’t a two-tailed dragon work? Then three tails, four tails”
Su Yu counted all the way, following his words, in the blink of an eye, thousands of giant dragons were born in the world, and the last dragon was all tails. shudder!
And the guillotine, constantly killing those giant dragons, but killing more and more!
At this moment, the Eight Winged Tiger roared: “Don’t kill, go out! If you don’t get out of this world, you can’t kill it. He is the Sky Opener, and this place is within his domain. Run!”
Don’t run out, Su Yu can make countless tigers and giant dragons,南京龙凤论坛 what a fart!
“I said, tigers are not enough, come out!” In an
instant, countless tigers appeared near the eight-winged tiger.
Until this moment, Su Yu emerged from the void, with a faint smile: “Is it fun?”
“How about finding a partner for the two and matching a seed?” The
two strong men were dull and slammed into the surrounding barriers frantically.
Su Yu shook his head: “Why! You are strong, but you can’t use brute force!” As
soon as he finished speaking, suddenly, the Eight Winged Tiger spit out a sharp sword, snorted, and pierced the barrier between Yin and Yang. In an instant, he escaped. Get out!
Su Yu was startled and smiled, “Awesome! Tiger who can play flying swords, you can do it!” The
Eight Winged Tiger didn’t look back, ignoring the Chaos Dragon!
Chaos Dragon helps to delay for a while!
Su Yu is getting more 南京桑拿论坛 terrible!
He was thinking, and suddenly, Su Yu’s laughter sounded in his ears: “You run out, it’s no fun, do you know?”
The Eight Winged Tiger had not had time to react. A punch with a punching bag made him dizzy, his skin was broken, and his teeth were broken with a
bang. Su Yu kic

way, I will take the time to reply to you. It is not very convenient now.”

“Well, teacher, I will contact you later.”
Hung up the communication, Liu Wen Yan was surprised: “Yuehua, do you know Su Yu, this kid, does Bai Feng take him seriously?”
“Su Yu?”
Without Wu Yuehua speaking, the middle-aged strong man He Qi smiled and said, “Brother Liu, Su Yu, I know! Few people in the university don’t know. It turned out to be a student of Brother Liu. No wonder I said that Bai Feng could not teach them. Such a student”
Liu Wenyan laughed, he actually didn’t teach Su Yu too much.
It’s just a few basic knowledge, why can’t Bai Feng teach such students?
“Su Yu still has some fame?”
Liu Wenyan was a little curious now, “He has entered the top 100 list?”
“More than that!”
He Qi laughed and said, “That kid is amazing, not only has he made it into the top 100 list,” It also made Zhou Mingren’s group embarrassing and a lot of trouble! Zhou 南京桑拿会所 Mingren’s old boy didn’t come this time, I’m afraid he was solving these troubles.” After
simply recounting Su Yu’s troubles in the school, 南京水磨会所 Liu Wenyan looked surprised. , “Such a big change?”
Is this still the impression of Su Yu?
It hasn’t been long since I came here, how come such a big change!
It’s all ninefold!
Defeating the 38 students on the top 100 list, the troubled Zhou Mingren was all disgraced, which really surprised him.
A little embarrassed!
I really didn’t expect that before Su Yu said that he had a good time, but now it seems that it is more than good.
I didn’t ask any more, now he can’t go to school.
Moreover, there is no need to involve Su Yu and Bai Feng in these matters.
Both of these are too weak!
Even if Bai Feng vacated eightfold, it wasn’t enough to look at it.
Inside the school.
Su Yu hung up the communication, thought about it, and quickly walked towards the research institute.
Does Teacher Liu have any scruples if he doesn’t come?
Since he is not coming, let the teacher go! 南京炮网
Quickly returned to the

t Wen Yu at all.

There is still a gap between 34 channels and 36 channels.
On Wen Yu’s side, there is a gap between him, and he dare not take the initiative to start a war, so just ignore Wen Yu!
But at this moment, a touch of flame emerged in Wen Yu’s hand. 南京419论坛
Burning the flames of heaven and earth.
The flame of the power of all ways!
Just when all of them were looking over there, nobody really cared about Wen Yu!
Su Yu’s movement is really too big, so big that at this moment, the heavens only 南京龙凤论坛 have Su Yu’s voice!
Wen Yu had to feel that Su Yu would pick someone, he said, he chose Jitian, this guy likes to be smart, he will do his best to defend, he will always think of people, he must not dare to act rashly, he is all in Su Yu Under control!
Su Yu, it’s really scary!
And at this moment when Su Yu shot, Wen Yu moved. At this moment, Wen Yu absorbed more than 90% of the power in Su Yu’s world. Su Yu is actually just a look at this moment!
Frighten Jitian!
Ninety percent of the power of a 36 Taoist monk, plus all of her Wen Yu’s strength, plus the 50 percent power of Big Brother Tiandi,
her and Su Yu, heaven and earth can be integrated.
At this moment, Wen Yu’s strength suddenly skyrocketed!
No one cares about Wen Yu, even if they care, they should care about the sky, care about the Lord of the dead, care about the emperor! 南京桑拿论坛
But Wen Yu, who no one cares about, has taken a shot at this moment!
With one blow, the world is suppressed, and the flames burn the sky!
A loud noise overwhelmed Su Yu in an instant.
Sora felt it, and subconsciously resisted it. He who is 36 Dao, would he still be afraid of Wen Yu?
Wen Yu is crazy!
I’m still afraid of you?
And at the moment of contact, Kong Ju’s eyes shrank crazily, with some shock, booming!
There was a loud noise!
The huge scream was directly snapped off by Wen Yu’s palm!
The flames burned the heavens and the earth, with a bang, and the flesh was burned to death. This flame was too powerful!
38 channe

bility, not a cut head, ” “

kill a vacated, not to have come back ! ”
Sun Director laughed, once again look to Su Yu,” you are very clever, of course, in my opinion was a little smarter, not great wisdom! of course, the great wisdom of this thing, even if I do not say that they have great wisdom, Little cleverness is enough, enough to make yourself live longer and more moisturized than others.”
“This is the end, you take your reward, we take our responsibility, Ming Academy is the first in the assessment, other rewards are based 南京炮网 on the standard, and Huang Sheng will reward you with 20 points of merit.”
Su Yu was a little bit disappointed. He felt that Huang Sheng In fact, I was tempted with the old man, and spent 20 points to settle this matter.
As a result, Chief Sun, who laughed before, was unwilling at this juncture.
Su Yu had no choice but to lose 60 points of merit in vain!
No, in addition to the previous loss, I lost 80 points of merit, so distressed!
Su Yu felt distressed, and Wu Lan at the back was heartbroken.
No one cares about her!
655 points, plus the current 180 points, 835 points of the first-class genius, standing here for a long time, almost crying, no one cares about her, I think she hasn’t seen her.
“I want to cry”
She wants to cry again, these people are too bad, no one can comfort her.
Chapter 59 Examination is over
. At the entrance of the examination room.
Both Su Yu and Wu Lan walked out with a look of loss.
The students who were still waiting outside were a little startled, how did these two take the exam?
Both of them failed the exam?
It’s not right. Both of them stayed till the end. When some of them came out, 南京水磨会所 these two had already gone so far. Why did they both look desperate?
Wu Lan took first place?
Why is that expression?
Su Yu first?
It’s not quite like it. Su Yu is languid, pale, with a frustrated expression. It seems that he has just lost several hundred million. How can he be the first?
The candidates were all dumbfounded.