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tion, he immediately rushed back to the corridor with the gun.

“Bang, bang, bang!”
Gunshots continued throughout the building.
Zhou Huabiao grabbed the walkie-talkie and looked very nervous, while the gunshots 南京桑拿论坛 showed obvious movement, penetrating the police blockade points one by one, and finally reached the rooftop position.
“The target has been injured!”
“Hit the target!”
“The target flees to the eighth point”
Zhou Huabiao took a deep breath and waited for the next report.
The killer “O” hugged his arms and climbed to the rooftop gate with a look of embarrassment.
“Huh!” A young police officer appeared with a gun, with a cold expression on his gun and aiming, Wow! “O” is faster than him!
“Crack!” But when “O” pulled the trigger, there was a hollow sound from the pistol.
“Bang!” The young police officer pulled the trigger and shot the target decisively.
Then the young police officer stepped forward to pick up the “O” gun and unloaded the magazine, only to find that there was a bullet in it, which turned out to be a top killer who 南京龙凤论坛 was pitted by a local arms dealer.
The young police officer’s face was slightly surprised, but his eyes didn’t make much ripples. He just stood beside the corpse and pressed the headset and said: “Report sir! Group E killed the target! At the eighth position!”
“Huh!” Zhou Huabiao exhaled deeply. , Smiled and said: “What is your name?”
“Criminal Intelligence Officer Liu Jianming!” The young police officer replied aloud.
Group E is indeed a team composed of the Intelligence Section, responsible for handling the roof exits of public housing estates. The team is an intelligence section inspector and has no reputation.
And the Intelligence Section is not a professional action group. The place where it stands out is to provide operations, and the formation is only to supplement the police force… Originally everyone thought that the Intelligence Section would be mediocre, and it was unexpected that it would be so dazzling.
He Qiqing looked sati

t think any normal-minded businessman would be uninterested in it,” Wenna said softly and maturely, “It’s not just me. Interest, even our Grey Elf King, and even several other kings, are very interested. “

“Ah, then I will introduce to you in detail,” Baldwin was filled with a smile on his face, beckoned to the shelf next to him, and the exquisitely restored model of the magic train flew into his hands smoothly.” First of all, we should start with the concept of “Magic Power Vehicle”. “The
foggy moon is getting deeper and the year is coming to an end. In this special year, this young and ancient country has experienced too many things. Too many changes.
This year, many people and things are destined to be recorded in history and become a pivotal mark in the vast human civilization. In this year, many new things are also destined to be born in this world and change people’s lives. Many old things are 南京炮网 quietly eliminated by the times, and gradually disappear from their original stage.
After a day of training, Jin Na walked slowly on the ramp of the back door of the Windcaller Camp. The wind from the mountains and forest blew past her, not violent, but surprisingly cold.
She recalled today’s special flying experience in her mind, and felt that her mood was quite agitated in a short time.
Today, she finally broke away from the stage of ground simulation and familiarization with mechanical operations, and for the first time, with the help of auxiliary trainers, she drove the magical machine named “Dragman” into the blue sky, even though it was only an hour away. The aerial training, the experience that is very different from riding a griffin still impressed her.
More stable, faster, more agile, lifeless steel and crystals are constructed into a bird-like flying machine. She and another 南京水磨会所 trained soldier sit in 南京龙凤网 the cockpit of a “dragon cavalry” that can carry three people. Led by the trainer, she swept across the sky at the northern foot of the dark mountain range, and the tremor caused by the

There are still many people who say they don’t like the Western World. I just want to ask, is this chapter not well written, or simply doesn’t like the story?

Seven chapters of vomiting 南京桑拿会所 blood, I apologized to those who didn’t like this story, and chose an unpopular theme, but since it has already started, I have to write him well, give up halfway and be cast aside, if I can, see you in the next story.
Chapter 418: On the Many Ways of Robbery in the West.
When a man releases himself, his entire world is free. When a country releases himself, it must be chaotic. Today’s west is such an unfettered world .
Cowboys, revolvers, robbers, sheriffs, horses, cacti, taverns, deserts, caravans, Mexicans and Indians are all symbols of the West.
Development, construction, chaos, violence, and killing are the theme songs of the West.
This wild overture will last for a hundred years.
The night in Mexico’s winter is cold. In the
small town of Messia,
two security guards staying at the bank leaned on the fireplace sofa and fell asleep. Suddenly, they heard a turbulent kicking sound from outside, and the two looked at each other. , One of them said, “It feels like a herd of cows.”
“Why 南京桑拿论坛 did the herd of cows come to town?”
His companion shrugged, “Who knows, it’s not the herders who got lost, so they drove the cows here. Right.”
“Hehe, if the sheriff sees cows entering the town, he will detain all those cows mercilessly, then sell them and put the money into his pocket.”
“Hahaha, you are right.”
Just as the two were talking and laughing, separated by two layers of iron railings, they suddenly saw a thick rope sticking out from the iron fence window and enclosing the back window of the vault. Both of them were shocked, “What’s the situation?
” Could it be?” The
looked at each other and said together, “Someone was robbed.” Although the security guards looked at the vault, they didn’t have the key. Two iron fences blocked them from entering, and they could only watch everything


shed out of the camp and looked up and saw two eagles in the sky. Hovering, he immediately waved his arms to the sky excitedly.
“Chuck~!” With
a loud eagle, a Hai Dongqing swooped down. The guards of Goguryeo were afraid that the king would be injured. Just when they wanted to do something, the king of Goguryeo immediately shouted, “No one 南京桑拿论坛is allowed to move.” The
guards immediately punished. The ground dared not move.
Daqing flapped his wings and stopped on a wooden stand next to him. King Goguryeo saw the bamboo tube on the condor’s paws at a glance and immediately went over to take it down. Daqing waited there and didn’t move. King Goguryeo said to the guard next to him, ” Feed some fresh meat to the condor.”
A guard brought a live rabbit, cut off the meat and fed it to Daqing, but Daqing didn’t eat it at all, and didn’t even look at the meat.
King Goguryeo admired in his heart, he was indeed a condor tamed by the national teacher.
After reading Jiang Hao’s letter, knowing that Jiang Hao has reached the estuary of the Han River, I became excited and immediately replied, clarifying the situation here, stuffing the reply into a bamboo tube, Daqing spread his wings, and flew back to the sky in just a few clicks. After meeting with Xiaoqing in the sky, he flew towards the fleet.
After seeing the letter from Daqing, Jiang Hao took the minced meat from the side. Daqing and Xiaoqing immediately ate happily. Jiang Hao turned to Jibu and said, “Notify all the fleets, start immediately,南京龙凤网 and go straight. Bucheon City.”
Chapter 939: The day when the city is broken is the time when the city is slaughtered. When the
fleet enters the Han River, the first is a few boats, and there are sailors to observe the water pattern at any time to see if it is suitable for the entry of the tooth boat or the treasure boat.
“The river is wide enough for a boat!”
“The water is smooth and deep enough to enter a big ship.”
Jiang Hao stood on the treasure ship, and the crew reported the detection resul


happy to see his apprentice bring gifts to him. After all, this was the apprentice’s heart.
Chapter 530: A Thousand Miles Chasing Your Husband (Repair)
“Okay, let go, don’t bother to clean up for the teacher.” The old way began to rush people.
“I think you obviously want to take a nap.” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
“Midnight sleep, health regimen, “Heyin” and “Heyang”, I still want to live to be 100 years old, so I must pay attention to health care, you, stay up late in the future, staying up late is the easiest for kidney deficiency, know, don’t fight Come chaos when you’re young.” The old Tao taught another sentence.
Jiang Hao smiled, “Master, I am in good health, and I also have spiritual protection. How could it be possible that the kidney is weak? 南京桑拿会所 You don’t know that the young people outside are all cultivating immortals. When nothing is wrong, chase novels. Watch vibrato, sing K, drink alcohol, play it until two or three o’clock before going to bed.”
Old Dao snorted, “Then you didn’t ask them if they were all irritable and irritable, lack of concentration, weak kidneys, and weakened kidneys. , Even women don’t want to think about it anymore, huh, the way to die, the chaos and chaos of the day, what quality can it have.”
“Okay, okay, don’t get entangled with me, hurry and go.” The old Tao finished. Lie down again, propped his head with his hands, and fell asleep again.
Jiang Hao gave a slight salute and slowly exited the room. Although he was amused by the old way, he really respected this master.
Going back to my small yard, the yard is about 20 square meters, with flowers 南京桑拿论坛 and plants on both sides, and a thick plum tree beside it. I don’t know which owner of the small courtyard planted, and now it has grown to the thickness of thighs.
The house is not big, just one living room and one bedroom. The living room is equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, tea sets, and even a TV. It is 南京龙凤网 more modern, and the house is much simpler. There is only one cabinet and one soil